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Rushing Waters

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Hurricane Ophelia is bearing down on New York City. And in a matter of hours, six people, along with their families, friends, and millions of other New Yorkers living around them, will be caught up in the horrific flooding it unleashes. Ellen Wharton has flown into New York from London, regardless of the weather and her husband’s worry. The successful interior designer is intent on seeing her lively architect mother and has an important personal appointment to keep. But despite Ellen’s urging, when the storm hits, seventy-four-year-old Grace Madison refuses to leave her Tribeca apartment in the midst of the evacuationzone, and they must eventually wade through chest-high water to the police boats outside. British investment banker Charles Williams is traveling on business but is also eager to see his young daughters, who live with his beautiful, estranged ex-wife in SoHo. Desperate to find them, he checks the shelters where thousands have taken refuge and runs into Ellen and her mother. Juliette Dubois, a dedicated ER doctor, fights to save lives when the generators at her hospital fail. NYU students Peter Holbrook and Ben Weiss, living in a shabby downtown walkup, are excited by the adventure of the approaching hurricane, refuse to evacuate, and settle in with junk food and beer until their building threatens to collapse. Should they swim for it or not? A day of chaos takes its toll. Lives, belongings, and loved ones are swept away. Heroes are revealed as the city and New Yorkers struggle to face anatural disaster of epic proportions. And then the real challenge begins, as the survivors face their futures, with damage to repair and scars to heal. Keenly observed and brilliantly told, this is an unforgettable story that proves that while life can change in an instant, even the darkest storm can bring forth courage, resilience, unexpected joy, and new life. And it reminds us all that nature, at its fiercest, is a powerful force nothing and no one can resist.

Издательство: "Random House, Inc." (2017)

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Steel, Danielle

▪ 1995

      In 1994 U.S. publishing phenomenon Danielle Steel saw her 32nd novel, Accident, occupy the Publishers Weekly list of best-selling hardcover fiction for 15 consecutive weeks. Most critics gave tepid reviews to what they called the formulaic themes in Steel's romance novels, which featured strong yet glamorous women overcoming major obstacles or ordeals to secure a career, love, and a family. Her fans, however, devoured her every novel and helped drive each to the top of the best-seller lists. Her admirers, consisting of almost equal numbers of males and females, enjoyed the exotic locales, historical ambiance, and, most important, the happy endings in her cathartic books.

      Danielle Fernande Schuelein-Steel was born on Aug. 14, 1947, in New York City. She was an only child, and after her parents divorced she was reared by relatives and family employees in Paris and New York City. Steel was a lonely child who immersed herself in poetry and books, especially those by her favourite author, French novelist Colette. By the age of 15, Steel had graduated from the Lycée Français, and in 1963 she enrolled in the Parsons School of Design, in New York. Illness prevented her from finishing her studies, but when she recovered, Steel married a wealthy French banker. In 1968 she was hired as a vice president of public relations for the advertising agency Supergirls, Ltd., in New York City.

      When the firm floundered in 1971, Steel turned to writing novels and poetry. Her first paperback novel, Going Home, was published in 1973 but sold only moderately well. Steel also began writing copy for the Grey Advertising Agency in San Francisco. After divorcing and remarrying and while raising her children, Steel continued to write but did not achieve much success until the publication of her fourth novel, The Promise (1978), an instant best-seller that was followed by a slew of best-selling paperbacks. Her first hardcover novel, The Ring (1980), a multigenerational, international saga, was also quite successful. Though she published a book of poetry, Love: Poems (1981), contributed to the nonfiction book Having a Baby (1984), and wrote the Max and Martha series of children's books in 1989, Steel pleased her core of fans most with a string of novels about bittersweet love. Several of her works became popular television movies, including Kaleidoscope, Jewels, and Crossings.

      Steel, however, had no desire to emulate the jet-setting lifestyle of her heroines; she spent most of her time at home with her nine children and third husband. By the end of 1994, she had more than 125 million books in print and no plans to stop crafting her unique blend of juicy dialogue, strongly defined characters, and twisting plots. (SUSAN RAPP)

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Источник: Steel, Danielle

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