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Financial Derivatives

Understand derivatives in a nonmathematical way Financial Derivatives, Third Edition gives readers a broad working knowledge of derivatives. For individuals who want to understand derivatives without getting bogged down in the mathematics surrounding their pricing and valuation Financial Derivatives, Third Edition is the perfect read. This comprehensive resource provides a thorough introduction to financial derivatives and their importance to risk management in a corporate setting.

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD)"

ISBN: 9780471467663

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Robert Kolb W.Financial Derivatives. Pricing and Risk ManagementEssential insights on the various aspects of financial derivatives If you want to understand derivatives without getting bogged down by the mathematics surrounding their pricing and valuation… — John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD), Подробнее...
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Leonardo MarroniPricing and Hedging Financial Derivatives. A Guide for PractitionersThe only guide focusing entirely on practical approaches to pricing and hedging derivatives One valuable lesson of the financial crisis was that derivatives and risk practitioners don't really… — John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD), Подробнее...
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Salih N. NeftciIntroduction to the Mathematics of Financial DerivativesThis popular text, publishing Spring 1999 in its Second Edition, introduces the mathematics underlying the pricing of derivatives. The increase of interest in dynamic pricing models stems from their… — Academic Press, Подробнее...2000
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Michael PhD MastroFinancial Derivative and Energy Market Valuation. Theory and Implementation in MATLABA road map for implementing quantitative financial models Financial Derivative and Energy Market Valuation brings the application of financial models to a higher level by helping readers capture the… — John Wiley&Sons Limited, Подробнее...
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Fletcher ShayneFinancial Modelling in PythonFletcher and Gardner have created a comprehensive resource that will be of interest not only to those working in the field of finance, but also to those using numerical methods in other fields such… — John Wiley&Sons Limited, Подробнее...
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Andrew M. ChisholmDerivatives Demystified. A Step-by-Step Guide to Forwards, Futures, Swaps and OptionsDerivatives are everywhere in the modern world and it is important for everyone in banking, investment and finance to have a good understanding of the subject. Derivatives Demystified provides a… — John Wiley&Sons Limited, Подробнее...
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Tanya Beder S.Financial Engineering. The Evolution of a ProfessionFINANCIAL ENGINEERING The Robert W. Kolb Series in Finance is an unparalleled source of information dedicated to the most important issues in modern finance. Each book focuses on a specific topic in… — John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD), Подробнее...
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Wetterau DanielFinancial Modelling. Theory, Implementation and Practice with MATLAB SourceFinancial modelling Theory, Implementation and Practice with Matlab Source Jörg Kienitz and Daniel Wetterau Financial Modelling – Theory, Implementation and Practice with MATLAB Source is a unique… — John Wiley&Sons Limited, Подробнее...
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R. Johnson StaffordDerivatives Markets and AnalysisA practical, informative guide to derivatives in the real world Derivatives is an exposition on investments, guiding you from the basic concepts, strategies, and fundamentals to a more detailed… — John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD), Подробнее...
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Wendy Pirie L.DerivativesThe complete guide to derivatives, from the experts at the CFA Derivatives is the definitive guide to derivatives, derivative markets, and the use of options in risk management. Written by the… — John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD), Подробнее...
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Joel PriolonFinancial Markets for CommoditiesAgricultural, energy or mineral commodities are traded internationally in two market categories: physical markets and financial markets. More specifically, on the financial markets, contracts are… — John Wiley&Sons Limited, Подробнее...
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Wendy Pirie L.Derivatives WorkbookApply practical derivatives knowledge to truly test your understanding Derivatives Workbook offers practical instruction for students and professionals seeking additional guidance on working with… — John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD), Подробнее...
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Robert DubilFinancial Engineering and Arbitrage in the Financial MarketsA whole is worth the sum of its parts. Even the most complex structured bond, credit arbitrage strategy or hedge trade can be broken down into its component parts, and if we understand the elemental… — John Wiley&Sons Limited, Подробнее...
6634.03электронная книга
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