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Black Stars of Civil War Times

AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY COMES TO LIFE Discover why young people all over the country are reading the Black Stars biographies of African American heroes. Here is what you want to know about the lives of brave black men and women during the Civil War and Reconstruction: dr. alexander t. augusta thomas«blind tom» greene bethune james bland senator blanche kelso bruce francis louis cardozo major martin robison delany frederick douglass sarah mapps douglass sergeant major christian a. fleetwood charlotte forten grimke frances e. w. harper elizabeth keckley elijah mccoy john p. parker governor pinckney benton stewart pinchback dr. charles burleigh purvis congressman robert smalls sojourner truth harriet tubman lieutenant peter vogelsang booker t. washington sergeant george washington williams granville t. woods «The books in the Black Stars series are the types of books that would have really captivated me as a kid.» -Earl G. Graves, Black Enterprise magazine «Inspiring stories that demonstrate what can happen when ingenuity and tenacity are paired with courage and hard work.» -Black Books Galore! Guide to Great African American Children's Books«Haskins has chosen his subjects well . . . catching a sense of the enormous obstacles they had to overcome. . . . Some names are familiar, but most are little-known whom Haskins elevates to their rightful place in history.» -Booklist «The broad coverage makes this an unusual resource-a jumping-off point for deeper studies.» -Horn Book

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD)"

ISBN: 9780471467687

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Jim Haskins

Jim Haskins (born April 4, 1952) is the weekday afternoon announcer on WMUB public radio station out of Oxford, Ohio. He is an United States citizen with ancestors in France and Switzerland. His hobbies include bee keeping, honey-making, and fly fishing. He has near sighted eye vision, forcing him to wear thick, tinted glasses to see small print.

In 1998 his 192 page young adult book, African American Entrepreneurs, was published by Jossey-Bass in English and went on to win the approval of various people. The book followed the success of his first work, Voodoo and Hoodoo: The Craft as Revealed by Traditional Practitioners which was published some twenty years prior.

Having authored more than one hundred books, Jim Haskin's books are a staple in any children or young adult's library. His picture books, with many brightly colored pictures and few words, are especially approrpiate for young children just learning to read. He offers more sophisticated ghost stories such as The Headless Haunt.Haskin's children books tend to highlight the achievements of African Americans in society. The characters of his stories are engrossing and cover the gambit of role models for African American children;Rosa Parks to the black members of the Hannibal Guards, a military organization in Pittsburg during the Civil War. [ [http://childrenslit.com/childrenslit/f_haskins.html Children's Literature: Meet Authors & Illustrators ] ]

The film "The Cotton Club" was written by William Kennedy, Mario Puzo, and Francis Ford Coppola. The 1977 picture book Haskins wrote with the same title was used as inspiration for their film featuring gangsters, jilted love, and pre-prohibition gangsters. The same year that 'The Cotton Club' was published, Haskins won the Coretta Scott King Medal for his book 'The Story of Stevie Wonder'.


"If it supports itself and helps the schools out and is available to everyone in town, that's something else. But we're sure not seeing that." [ [http://thinkexist.com/quotes/jim_haskins/ Jim Haskins quotes ] ]

“It's been more severe than we've had in the last few years, but about close to normal.” [ (2008) "http://thinkexist.com/quotes/jim_haskins/.]

“With all the development and stuff that is going on, I just thought it was a good time to get back in the saddle again.” [ (2008) "http://thinkexist.com/quotes/jim_haskins/.]

“When I first got on the board, we struggled with codes. There were a lot of codes in this town that didn't have any rhyme or reason.” [ (2008) "http://thinkexist.com/quotes/jim_haskins/.]

“He's very cut-and-dry and to the point. That's not good or bad. That's just the way he is.” [ (2008) "http://thinkexist.com/quotes/jim_haskins/.]


Источник: Jim Haskins

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