Электронная книга: Jay Abrams B. «Quantitative Business Valuation. A Mathematical Approach for Today's Professionals »

Quantitative Business Valuation. A Mathematical Approach for Today's Professionals

Praise for the First Edition of Quantitative Business Valuation A Mathematical Approach for Today's Professionals«Jay Abrams'book is close to the equivalent of several graduate dissertations rolled into one book. For each topic (covered), he presents a scholarly summary of past research, new empirical research of his own, and his conclusions. It is a well-documented contribution to in-depth understanding of important business valuation issues, and should not be overlooked by the serious practitioner.» —Shannon Pratt, DBAManaging Director, Willamette Management AssociatesCoauthor, Valuing a Business «A must-read for the serious business appraiser.» —Jay E. Fishman, ASA, CBAPresident, Financial Research, Inc. «The problem of simplified valuation procedures and coherent theory still remains complex and is ever evolving. Jay Abrams deals very effectively with this complexity through the use of mathematical formulas. Input to his models is explained with clarity and effectiveness, which adds to the overall value of this advanced text on business valuation.» —Terry A. Isom, Chairman,National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts «Jay Abrams'book strives to provide mathematical modeling for what practitioners often do by reasoning alone. This book is a must-read for practitioners who are searching for additional techniques for dealing with some of business valuation's imponderables.» —David M. Bishop, FIBA, BVAL, ASA, MCBAPresident, American Business Appraisers, Inc. «Jay Abrams'book will not only challenge the top theoreticians in the field; his step-by-step explanations will make advanced quantitative techniques available to the many appraisers who are not capable of independently creating the underlying mathematical analysis.» —Kent Osborne, ASAChairman, Editorial Review Board of the American Society of Appraisers «While a proliferation of business valuation treatises and guides exists in the market, most are very general in nature and do nothing more than rehash fundamental concepts. I am unaware of any author whohas stepped into the unknown as Jay Abrams has and compiled and developed a treatise of extremely useful analytical tools for the serious valuator.» —Robert J. Grossman, CPA/ABV, ASA, CVAPartner, Grossman Yanak&Ford«Jay Abrams develops unusual approaches which merit consideration when'cookie cutter'methodologies are inadequate. This manuscript contributes to the dialogue among practitioners and strengthens the theoretical foundations of business valuation.» —Herbert T. SpiroPresident, American Valuation Group, Inc. «There is no question about it, the use of rigorous quantitative methods is the cure for subjective valuation analysis. This book not only satisfies this need—which has grown considerably in recent years—but is chock-full of new tools that have been carefully developed.» —Edward MurrayValuation Partner, Arthur Andersen, LLP

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD)"

ISBN: 9780470594490

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