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Medieval History For Dummies

Is your knowledge of The Crusades less than tip-top? Maybe you're curious about Columbus, or you're desperate to read about the Black Death in all its gory detail? Whatever your starting point, this expert guide has it all– from kings, knights and anti-Popes, to invasion, famine, the Magna Carta and Joan of Arc (and a few rebellious peasants thrown in for good measure!). Get ready for a rip-roaring ride through the political, religious and cultural life of the Middle Ages, one of the most talked-about periods in history. Medieval History for Dummies includes: Part I: The Early Middle Ages Chapter 1: The Middle Ages: When, Where, What, Who? Chapter 2: The end of Rome and the not so ‘Dark Ages'. Chapter 3: Angles, Saxons and Feudalism. Chapter 4: The Carolingians grab their chance. Chapter 5: Charlemagne– A new empire is born. Part II: The Making of Europe Chapter 6: The (Holy Roman) Empire Strikes Back. Chapter 7: East Meets West: Islam in the Western Mediterranean. Chapter 8: The Vikings: A threat from the north. Chapter 9: Schism: The Church splits itself in two. Chapter 10: The Normans: The ‘real'Middle Ages begin. Part III:‘Holy War': Crusading at home and abroad. Chapter 11: Crusade: A call to arms. Chapter 12: The First Crusade Chapter 13: England vs France&Pope vs Emperor Chapter 14: The Second Crusade&The‘Crusades at Home'Chapter 15: Richard vs Saladin: The Third Crusade Chapter 16: The later Crusades and other failures. Part IV: Parliament, Priories, Provisions&Plague Chapter 17: John, Henry, Rudolf&Edward. Chapter 18: Monks&Merchants: The new power brokers Chapter 19: The Papacy on Tour: Avignon and the Anti-Popes Chapter 20:‘God's Judgement?': The Black Death Part V: The End of the Middle and the start of discovery. Chapter 21: One Hundred Years of War Chapter 22: The Peasants are Revolting Chapter 23: Agincourt, Joan of Arc&the French recovery Chapter 24: Columbus&The New World Part VI: The Part of Tens Chapter 25: Ten Rubbish Kings Chapter 26: Ten Curious Medieval Pastimes Chapter 27: Ten Great Castles Chapter 28: Ten People Who Changed The World Chapter 29: Ten Great Books (To read next)

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD)"

ISBN: 9780470688052

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Stephen Batchelor

Infobox Buddhist biography
name = Stephen Batchelor

img_size =
img_capt =Stephen Batchelor at Upaya Zen Center in New Mexico
landscape =
birth_name =
other_names =
dharma_name =
birth_date = 1953
birth_place = Scotland
death_date =
death_place =
nationality = British
denomination = Buddhism
school =
lineage =
title = Author
workplace =
education =
occupation =
teacher =
reincarnation_of =
predecessor =
successor =
student =
spouse = Martine Batchelor
partner =
children =
website = [http://www.stephenbatchelor.org www.stephenbatchelor.org]

Stephen Batchelor (c. 1953) is a self-described agnostic born in Scotland, and is the author of many books relating to Buddhism. Currently living in Aquitaine, France, at age nineteen Batchelor moved to Dharamsala in India with an interest in Buddhism. In 1974 he ordained as a Tibetan monk in the Gelug tradition. In Dharamsala, shortly after ordination, he met Satya Narayan Goenka, and sat a ten-day vipassana meditation retreat with him. He studied under Geshe Rabten in Switzerland, his group consisting mostly of Westerners like himself. During this period he learned to read Tibetan script and found himself immersed in a fairly complex routine. While a Tibetan monk, Batchelor continued his vipassana practice. While not outright prohibited by his Tibetan teachers, it was not endorsed, either. It was tolerated.

In 1977 he left the Gelug tradition and ordained as a Korean Zen monk in South Korea, where he met his wife Martine Batchelor (then a Buddhist nun). He found the Korean approach distinct from the Tibetan and Theravada approaches he had been combining. He trained under the guidance of Kusan Sunim at the International Zen Center, and he and Martine translated and edited texts and literature for the center. The two had became close friends when in 1983 Kusan died. By this time Batchelor was compelled to return to Europe, but stayed on an extra year helping to keep the center in order. In 1984 or 1985 he and Martine disrobed and moved to Totnes, Devon, England, joining and teaching at the Sharpham Community and Gaia House at the invitation of a mutual friend. They welcomed the transition from monastic life to lay life with open arms.cite web
last =
first =
authorlink =
coauthors =
title =Very Good Dharma Friends: An Interview with Stephen and Martine Batchelor
work =
publisher = Dharma.org
date = 1996
url =http://www.dharma.org/ij/archives/1996b/batchelor.htm
format =
doi =
accessdate =2007-08-12
] cite web
last =
first =
authorlink =
coauthors =
title =At the Crossroads
work =
publisher =
date = Fall 2002
url =http://www.tricycle.com/issues/tricycle/12_1/interview/857-1.html
format =
doi =
accessdate =2007-08-12

Batchelor is an author, teacher, and scholar, writing books and articles on Buddhist topics and leading meditation retreats throughout the world.

elect bibliography

* Batchelor, Stephen. "Buddhism without Beliefs". Riverhead Books, 1998. ISBN 1573226561.
* Batchelor, Stephen. "Living with the Devil". Penguin Books/Riverhead Books, 2005. ISBN 1594480877.
* Batchelor, Stephen; Blofeld, John. "Alone with Others: An Existential Approach to Buddhism". Grove Press, 1994. ISBN 0802151278.
* Batchelor, Stephen. "Verses from the Center: A Buddhist Vision of the Sublime". Riverhead Books, 2001. ISBN 1573228761.
* Batchelor, Stephen; Batchelor, Martine. "Meditation for Life". Wisdom Publications, 2001. ISBN 0861713028.

ee also

*Buddhism in Europe
*Christopher Titmuss


External links

* [http://www.stephenbatchelor.org/ Official website]
* [http://www.stephenbatchelor.org/stephenbio.html Official Bio]
*Downloadable talks at [http://www.dharmaseed.org/teacher/169/ Dharmaseed] and [http://www.audiodharma.org/talks/StephenBatchelor.html Audiodharma]
* [http://www.saigon.com/~anson/ebud/ebdha107.htm Buddhism Without Beliefs critiqued]

Источник: Stephen Batchelor

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