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Kick Your Own Ass. The Will, Skill, and Drill of Selling More Than You Ever Thought Possible

The Ultimate Sales Boot Camp According to research by the American Society American Society for Training&Development, more than 80% of salespeople fail to reach their objectives. With such a high percentage of salespeople missing their mark, something is obviously missing. Kick Your Own Ass empowers you to fill this gap by focusing on, not only your selling process and your skills development, but also your self-confidence, motivation, and your life and career. These three critical elements together are called the“Will, Skill, and Drill” of selling. In Kick Your Own Ass, you’ll find out how to build them up with Innovative ways to take responsibility for your success A simple five-step process for goal-setting and attainment A core-selling and communication methodology based on creating awareness and choice for the client, which results in happier customer relationships As the title suggests, Kick Your Own Ass isn’t for those who like to take the easy way out, leave the job half-done, or otherwise slack off. So if you're ready to really take your selling to the next level, get this book and get kicking!

Издательство: "John Wiley&Sons Limited (USD)"

ISBN: 9780470636442

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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson may refer to:

; In the arts:
*Robert Johnson (musician) (Robert Leroy Johnson) (1911–1938), blues singer and guitarist
*Robert Johnson (actor), voice actor noted for "" mission messages
*Robert Johnson (Scottish composer) (c. 1470 - after 1554)
*Robert Johnson (composer) (c. 1580–1634) English lutenist and composer
*Robert Johnson (conductor), orchestral conductor
*Robert Johnson (screenwriter), writer for films such as The Temptations
*Robert Sherlaw Johnson, British composer, pianist and music scholar
*Robert Johnson, British comic entertainer known under the stage name Bob Carolgees
*Robert Johnson (drummer), former drummer for KC and the Sunshine Band

; In politics:
*Robert Johnson (governor), South Carolina
*Robert Johnson (Texas) (1929–1995), member of Texas state legislature 1956–63
*Robert Davis Johnson (1883–1961), U.S. Congressman from Missouri
*Robert T. Johnson, legislator from Lee's Summit, Missouri
*Robert Ward Johnson (1814–1879), U.S. Senator from Arkansas
*Robert Johnson, Louisiana State Representative

; In Government:
*Robert Underwood Johnson, U.S. writer and diplomat

; In the military:
*Robert Johnson (Civil War) (1834–1869), Civil War Brigadier General, son of Andrew Johnson, U.S. President
*Robert S. Johnson, American World War II flying ace
*Robert Lee Johnson (spy), American spy for the Soviet Union

; In business:
*Robert E. Johnson, magazine editor
*Robert L. Johnson (born 1946), American media entrepreneur, founder of Black Entertainment Television
*Robert M. Johnson, Publisher of "Newsday"
*Robert Wood Johnson I (1845-1910), founded Johnson & Johnson
*Robert Wood Johnson II (1893–1968), 3rd president of Johnson & Johnson
*Robert Wood Johnson III (1920–1970), 3rd generation president of Johnson & Johnson
*Robert Wood Johnson IV, American businessman
*Robert Johnson (Kentucky land speculator) (1745-1815)

; In religion:
*Robert Johnson (martyr) (died 1581), Catholic priest
*Robert Johnson (rector), Puritan rector

; In academics:
*Robert Johnson (Professor), Professor at the University of Toronto
*Robert Erwin Johnson (1923-2008), University of Alabama professor, historian of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard
*Robert E. Johnson, Professor at the Gallaudet University. Washington. Ph.D. Anthropology, Washington State University. Research Deaf matters.

; In sports:
*Robert Johnson (American football), NFL tight end
*Robert Johnson (handball), a Canadian handball player who competed at the 1976 Summer Olympics

; Among other categories:
*Robert Johnson (terrorist), on the U.S. No Fly List
*Robert A. Johnson, Jungian analyst
*Robert Johnson (explorer), explorer of the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, in 1821
*Robert Johnson (murderer), (real name William Nugent), killed a policeman near Kingston SE in 1881

ee also

;First name variations:
*Bob Johnson
*Rob Johnson
*Bobby Johnson
*Robb Johnson
*For all other first names see Johnson

;Surname variations:
*Robert Johnston

;Middle name Robert:
*Lacey Robert Johnson
*Jeremy Robert Johnson

*Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
*Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
*Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
*The Robert Johnson Songbook (album)

Источник: Robert Johnson

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