Электронная книга: Edwin Lefevre «The Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Collection. The Classic Book, The Illustrated Edition, and The Annotated Edition»

The Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Collection. The Classic Book, The Illustrated Edition, and The Annotated Edition

A classic collection of titles featuring one of the world's greatest traders: Jesse Livermore Jesse Livermore won and lost tens of millions of dollars playing the stock and commodities markets during the early 1900s, at one point making ten million dollars in one month of trading—an astronomical sum for this time. His ideas and keen analyses of market price movements are as true today as they were when he first implemented them. Now, for the first time ever, The Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Collection brings together three classic titles based on this unique individual and offers profound insights into his motivations, attitudes, and strategies. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, the fictionalized biography of Jesse Livermore, has endured over seventy years because traders and investors continue to find lessons from Livermore's experiences that they can apply to their own endeavors Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Illustrated Edition reproduces the original articles by Edwin Lefèvre and drawings by M.L. Blumenthal published in the Saturday Evening Post in the 1920s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, Annotated Edition bridges the gap between Edwin Lefevre's fictionalized account of Livermore's life and the actual, historical events, places, and people that populate the book. Throughout the book there are notes that detail the actual companies, people, or situations that Livermore encountered Engaging and informative, this collection provides a complete picture of Livermore's life and trading strategies, and offers tremendous value to today's serious investor or trader.

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Edwin Lefèvre

Edwin Lefèvre (1871–1943) was an American journalist, writer, and statesman most noted for his writings on Wall Street business.

An independently wealthy investor, while living in Hartsdale, New York a collection of Edwin Lefèvre's short stories were published in 1901 under the title "Wall Street Stories"." This was followed by several novels about money and finance until 1908 when Lefèvre and his wife Martha and their children moved to a country estate in East Dorset, Vermont. During the 1909-1913 presidency of William Howard Taft, Edwin Lefèvre was appointed an Ambassador of the United States, serving in a number of countries including Italy, Spain, and France. When his diplomatic career ended, he returned to his home in Vermont where he resumed his literary work, providing short stories for magazines such as "The Saturday Evening Post" and writing novels.

Of the eight books authored by Edwin Lefèvre his "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" is considered a must-read classic by most anyone involved in the American financial community. The book began as a series of twelve articles published between 1922 and 1923 in "The Saturday Evening Post". It is written as first-person fiction, telling the story of a professional stock trader on Wall Street. While published as fiction, it is generally accepted to be the biography of stock market whiz Jesse Livermore. The book has been reprinted in almost every decade since its original publication in 1925, the latest put out by John Wiley & Sons in hardcover and paperback in 1994 which remains in print. It has been translated into the Chinese, German, French, Polish, and Italian languages, amongst others. A George H. Doran Company first edition, even in fair condition, can sell today for more than a thousand dollars.

In 1925, Lefèvre came out with a second book about a stock trader, a factual biography with the title "The making of a Stockbroker"." This book was about John K. Wing, a senior partner of Bronson and Barnes, a major Boston stockbrokerage, whose approach to the business provided a contrast to that of Jesse Livermore.

On his passing in 1943, Edwin Lefèvre's estate in East Dorset, Vermont (near Manchester) was passed to his widow. Built in 1812, it was the first home in the United States made with marble quarried right on the property. Eldest son, Edwin Lefèvre, Jr. (b. 1902), who too worked on Wall Street, inherited the home and completely restored it in 1968 when he retired there. It is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Their second son, Reid Lefèvre (b. 1904), was the founder of the travelling carnival know as the "King Reid Show" and a politician. He was elected to the Vermont General Assembly, serving as a member of the House of Representatives from 1947 to 1959 and the state Senate from 1961 to 1963.


*"Wall Street Stories" (1901)
*"Golden Flood" (1905)
*"Sampson Rock of Wall Street" (1907)
*"Plunderers" (1916)
*"To the Last Penny" (1917)
*"Simonetta" (1919)
*"Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" (1923)
*"Making of a Stockbroker" (1925)

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