Электронная книга: Alastair Sweeny «Black Bonanza. Canada's Oil Sands and the Race to Secure North America's Energy Future»

Black Bonanza. Canada's Oil Sands and the Race to Secure North America's Energy Future

What if Canada's so-called environmental nightmare was really an engineering triumph and the key to a stable and sustainable future? For years, Canadians have been hearing nothing but bad news out of the Athabasca Oil Sands. From 20th Century economists decrying it as a perpetual money-loser in the face of more easily-extracted foreign oil to green groups around the world declaring it the world's worst industrial enterprise, sometimes it seems as though no good could ever come from this so-called dirty resource. But what if developing Canada's Oil Sands was the key to bridging the gap between current petroleum-based economies and the alternative energies that aren't ready for market yet? What if it meant eliminating the threat of Peak Oil and providing economic stability not just for Canada and the rest of North America, but for the world? And what if the environmental costs of the resource were both not nearly as dire as some would have you believe, but currently better than many other options with the industry already making huge advances in sustainability, energy use and water reclamation? That's exactly the case that Alastair Sweeny, author of BlackBerry Planet, argues is at the core of the Athabasca Sands: a bright future. By digging into the past, present and future of oil sands technology, Sweeny cuts through the hype and hysteria and makes a solid and engaging case that the Sands aren't the environmental boogeyman set to destroy humanity, but rather our best hope for a truly stable and sustainable future.

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Alastair Sweeny

Alastair Sweeny (born August 15, 1946) is a Canadian publisher, historian, and author.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, he attended St. Andrew's College, received a Bachelors degree from the University of Trinity College (University of Toronto), and a Master of Letters and Doctor of Philosophy from Trinity College, Dublin.

Sweeny has managed research programs, produced reference and learning materials and consulted with many leading private and public sector organizations, including as an adviser to the Canadian government's Task Force on National Unity (the Pepin-Robarts Commission),Fact|date=March 2008 Library and Archives Canada, Parks Canada, Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, National Indian Veterans Association, Assembly of First Nations, Canadian Heritage, eLibrary ProQuest, Nelson Thomson Learning, Quebecor Media, Electric Library Canada and CanWest Global.

In 1989, he produced "Canadisk", Canada's first multimedia CD-ROM as a joint venture with Encyclopaedia Britannica. In the 1990s, he developed learning materials for Apple Computer's pioneering eWorld online service, and produced the original "Encarta Book of Quotations" (1999) with Microsoft Inc. and Bloomsbury Publishing, London. In the 1990s he helped get Canada's SchoolNet under way, and developed the Today in Canadian History online service for Bell Globemedia.

Sweeny has produced and written corporate history for a number of Canadian companies, including Investors Group, Alberta Energy Company (now Encana), Magna International and Gendis, Inc.. He has done background research for Canadian authors such as W. L. Morton (research for a biography of Lord Strathcona), Peter C. Newman (Hudson's Bay Company series background history), Richard Gwyn (The 49th Paradox: Canada in North America), Pierre Berton (The Promised land) and Jeffrey Simpson (Spoils of Power).Fact|date=March 2008 He is author of several books, including a biography of Sir George-Étienne Cartier (1976) and "CanQuiz" (2002).

Sweeny is currently Executive Director of the non-profit educational foundation, The Civics Channel, dedicated to research, teaching and learning in the areas of citizenship and society, politics, human rights and the justice system. He is co-author and producer of Civics Canada Online, as well as its print version, "Civics Canada" (2005), and the sponsored Canadawiki portal.

He is also Vice President of Northern Blue Publishing of Waterloo, Ontario, and co-author and producer of History of Canada Online and Canada's First People, a pioneering history of Canada's native and aboriginal nations.

In 2008, he produced two open collaborative sites - The John A. Macdonald Portal and the Samuel de Champlain Portal - to serve as student resources on the life and works of Canada's first Prime Minister, and the founder of New France.


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