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Twitter Power 3.0. How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

Tweet your company to the top of the market with a tailored approach to Twitter Twitter Power 3.0 is the newly updated guide that shows smart businesses and entrepreneurs how to use Twitter to their advantage. This book is the best business leader's guide to Twitter, with the most up to date information on trends in social media, branding, and competitive research. Readers will learn that viral content doesn't happen by accident, why videos and photos are crucial to engagement, and how to measure the success of a Twitter strategy using specific and accurate metrics. This new edition contains brand new case studies, user profiles, features, and images, helping readers create a stronger overall Twitter strategy whether they're already engaged or just wondering if Twitter's important for their business future. Tip: it most definitely is important! Twitter has grown up. It's now a public company, worth over $30 billion, and it means business. Twitter has changed over time, but remains a crucial tool for business branding and a key place to engage with customers and build long-term client relationships. This book demonstrates how Twitter can play an important role in business growth, 140 characters at a time. Understand how Twitter differs from other social media platforms Build a savvy Twitter strategy as part of a broader social media plan Create viral content that effortlessly spreads your message and gains you huge numbers of followers Learn which metrics matter, and how to measure and track them Firms need to understand how Twitter is a vital element in any social media marketing, and craft strategies specific to each. Twitter Power 3.0 is the complete guide to Twitter for business, with the latest information, proven techniques, and expert advice.

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ISBN: 9781119050117

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Joel Comm

Joel Comm

Comm circa Jan 2009
Born Joel Comm
May 5, 1964 (1964-05-05) (age 47)
Nationality American
Known for InfoMedia, Inc., ClassicGames.com
Notable works The AdSense Code, Twitter Power, iFart Mobile, Yahoo! Games

Joel Comm (born May 5, 1964[1]) is an American author and Internet marketer. In 2006, he published The AdSense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense, which were New York Times and Business Week bestsellers.[2][3] He is also the author of Click Here to Order: Stories of the World’s Most Successful Internet Entrepreneurs and Twitter Power: How to Dominate your Market One Tweet at a Time. In 2007, he was the host and Executive Producer of The Next Internet Millionaire, an online reality show. In 2008, his company, Infomedia, produced an iPhone application: iFart.[4]


Business ventures

In 1996, Comm relaunched SpringerSpan.com as ClassicGames.com. Yahoo! bought out Comm and his partner, Eron Jokipii (who became Yahoo’s Chief of Games), integrating the service into its own platform.[5]

Comm maintains WorldVillage.com, a content-based website which began as a printed newsletter called The Dallas Fort Worth Software Review. The site offers blog content, reviews and news on a range of different subjects.[6]

Comm also runs a small software company, Infomedia. At the end of 2008, the company released iFart Mobile, an iPhone application that replicates the sound of bodily functions. The app spent three weeks at the top of iPhone’s application charts.[7]


In 2004, Comm began using Google’s AdSense advertising program on his network of websites. He tested different approaches, producing a number of strategies that increased his advertising income. In 2005, he published an ebook entitled What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense. The following year he published The AdSense Code, a traditional print book published by Morgan James Publishing.[8] The AdSense Code reached third place on Amazon.com’s bestsellers, #6 on The New York Times Business Paperback bestsellers list and #8 on BusinessWeek’s Business Paperback bestsellers list.[9]

In February 2009, Comm wrote Twitter Power a guide to Twitter, a popular microblogging service.[10] The book has been translated into Portuguese,[11] Japanese,[12] Korean[13] and Chinese.[14] An updated revised edition, Twitter Power 2.0, was released in paperback form in May 2010.[15]

In June 2010, Comm wrote KaChing: How to Run an Online Business that Pays and Pays.[16] The book proposed and explained how to generate a part-time or full-time income by creating content-based websites monetized in a number of ways. Comm successfully marketed the book through online channels, but a December 2010 Huffington Post article [17] demonstrated marketing books via television commercials was a waste of money.


Following the publication of The AdSense Code Comm started to work as a public speaker, addressing business, Internet marketing and entrepreneurial conferences, including work for Microsoft,[18] IBM and other corporations. He is now a regular speaker at events like Armand Morin’s Big Seminar, Chris Howard’s Wealth Symposiums, T. Harv Eker’s Never Work Again and Anthony Robbins’ Wealth Mastery.

In 2006, Comm created an online reality show based on The Apprentice. Hosted by Comm, The Next Internet Millionaire took twelve Internet marketing hopefuls and provided them with challenges eliminating contestants until just one remained. The winner received $25,000 and was offered a joint venture with Comm said to be worth a million dollars. The show was broadcast exclusively on the Internet and later printed to DVD.[19][20]


In February 2009, Air-O-Matic, makers of Pull My Finger, an iPhone app that also makes flatulent sounds, threatened legal action against Infomedia claiming trademark infringement. Air-O-Matic claimed that Infomedia had used the phrase "pull my finger" in its marketing material and demanded $50,000 in compensation. Infomedia responded by filing a complaint for declaratory judgement in Colorado District Court.[21] The case between the two fart-producing companies became a caused calamity and was even featured on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. In September 2009, the two companies went public with their settlement, a jointly produced iPhone application called 'Clear the Air.'[22]

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