Электронная книга: Lawrence Karlson C. «Corporate Value Creation. An Operations Framework for Nonfinancial Managers»

Corporate Value Creation. An Operations Framework for Nonfinancial Managers

A detailed crash course in business management for value creation Corporate Value Creation provides an operations framework that management can use to optimize the impact decisions have on creating value by growing revenue and profitability. Designed to assist professionals without a strong business or financial education, this book provides a thorough understanding of the qualitative and quantitative aspects of managing a business for the purpose of value creation. Readers will find detailed information on financial reports, valuation, modeling and forecasting, and more, including discussion of best practices that functional management can embrace to leverage performance. The final chapter reviews key concepts and helps the reader tie them all together by using a step-by-step approach to build or modify a business plan that includes a complete set of financial statements. In addition, each chapter includes case studies or exercises so that the reader can practice using the material covered in the chapter. Corporate Value Creation can also be used as a handbook for managers who are looking for information on specific topics that range from developing financial statements to manufacturing management, to internet marketing and much more. In most cases, individual topics can be reviewed without reading the entire book. Finally, for the manager who wants to quickly understand what's involved in running a successful business, each chapter begins with the key takeaways from that chapter in a section called «Nuggets». Fundamentally, creating value is as simple as making more money – but therein lies the rub. Effective management of business growth involves a complex interplay of productivity, capital, debt, and margins, and finding the most efficient balance can be challenging. For managers who need a deeper understanding of the forces at work, Corporate Value Creation is a thorough, detailed guide but it is also valuable for managers who are looking for information on a specific topic or simply wanting to understand at a high level what's involved in running a successful business.

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ISBN: 9781118997154


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