Книга: Vikas Chawla «Erosion-Corrosion»


Производитель: "LAP Lambert Academic Publishing"

Structural materials in many front-line high technology areas have to operate under extreme conditions of temperature, pressure and corrosive environment. So, Materials degradation at high temperatures is a serious problem in several high tech industries. Gas turbines in aircraft, fossil fueled power plants, refineries, and petrochemical industries, and heating elements for high temperature furnaces are some examples where corrosion limits their use or reduces their life, considerably affecting the efficiency. Corrosion causes plant shut downs, waste of valuable resources, loss or contamination of products, reduction in efficiency and costly maintenance in the present work, it was planned to study the behavior of boiler steels subjected to high temperature corrosion in boiler of thermal power plant. Selection of candidate material for the study was made after consultation with Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant, Bathinda (India). Thermogravimetric studies were done to understand the... ISBN:9783848434893

Издательство: "LAP Lambert Academic Publishing" (2012)

ISBN: 9783848434893

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Lakhwinder Singh,Vikas Chawla and J. S. GrewalMaterial Degradation at High TemperatureMaterials used for high temperature applications are subjected to various types of degradation phenomenon such as high temperature corrosion, erosion-corrosion, overheating, solid particle abrasion… — LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Подробнее...2013
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