Книга: Raja Rizwan Hussain,Sabih Salahuddin and Omer Sabih «Corrosion Protection Methods»

Corrosion Protection Methods

Производитель: "LAP Lambert Academic Publishing"

This book is based on the study that was carried out to get information about the different methods of corrosion prevention to make the materials corrosion resistant, mainly focusing on steel. Steel structures corrode by reacting with moisture and oxygen to form rust. Aggressive high-chloride environments found in coastal or marine environments and in areas where deicing salts are used accelerate the deterioration of steel unless the steel is isolated from the corrodents or the corrosion rate is reduced by electro-chemical means. The design of steel structures further accelerate corrosion damage by the presence of joints, fasteners, fraction-grip bolts, cavities and crevices that collect corrodents such as soil, water and atmospheric pollutants, and by the presence of dissimilar metals, stray currents and concentration cells that can lead to intense localized corrosion. Some of the structural aspects during construction of the structure to minimize the effect of corrosion have also... ISBN:9783846547205

Издательство: "LAP Lambert Academic Publishing" (2011)

ISBN: 9783846547205

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Raja Rizwan Hussain,Sabih Salahuddin and Omer SabihCorrosion Protection MethodsThis book is based on the study that was carried out to get information about the different methods of corrosion prevention to make the materials corrosion resistant, mainly focusing on steel. Steel… — LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Подробнее...2011
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