Книга: Anila Kuriakose «Antioxidative activity of green tea polyphenols»

Antioxidative activity of green tea polyphenols

Производитель: "LAP Lambert Academic Publishing"

Living organisms are exposed to a range of oxidizing species which have the potential to damage bio-molecules. Antioxidants protect cellular systems from potentially harmful effects of processes that cause excessive oxidation. The effect of free radicals on proliferating human and rat peripheral lymphocytes and scavenging effect of green tea polyphenols were studied. Exposure to Green tea Polyphenols (low concentration) induced an antioxidant defense mechanism in human and rat peripheral lymphocytes and rat liver. Green tea polyphenols also induce to increase the values of antioxidant defense system of cells such as SOD, POD and Catalase. further more the level of Reduced Glutathione was found to restore to an extent by treatment with polyphenols at low concentration ISBN:9783844321401

Издательство: "LAP Lambert Academic Publishing" (2011)

ISBN: 9783844321401

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