Book: Rivas Manuel «All Is Silence»

All Is Silence

Производитель: "Random House, Inc."

Fins and Brinco are best friends, and they both adore the wild and beautiful Leda. The three young friends spend their days exploring the dunes and picking through the treasures that the sea washes on to the shores of Galicia. One day, as they are playing in the abandoned school on the edge of the village, they come across treasure of another kind: a huge cache of whisky hidden under a sheet. But before they can exploit their discovery a shot rings out, and a man wearing an impeccable white suit and panama hat enters the room. That day they learn the most important lesson of all, that the mouth is for keeping quiet.

Издательство: "Random House, Inc." (2005)

ISBN: 978-1-84655-568-8

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Rivas, Manuel

► (n. 1957) Escritor español en lengua gallega y castellana. De su obra cabe destacar la antología poética El pueblo de la noche (1996), y las novelas Un millón de vacas (1990), El lápiz del carpintero (1998), La mano del emigrante (2001) y Las llamadas perdidas (2002). En 1996 recibió el premio Nacional de Narrativa por ¿Qué me quieres, amor? También ha escrito artículos periodísticos.

Источник: Rivas, Manuel

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