Autumn 2005. The world hurtles ever closer towards an irretrievably messy Armageddon, but in a grand old hall in west London 4 musicians bravely to save the planet they have come to call home through the power of melody. Those foolish enough not to be present at this clash of good and evil can now re-live the whole sorry episode thanks to the DVD that you now hold in your shaking hands. Featuring a decade's worth of musical tomfoolery and some of the most fashionable footwear ever assembled under one roof, you'd a flaming idiot not to have a peek. Tracklist: 01. The Jub-Jub Bird 02. Bluetonic 03. Liquid Lips 04. Carn't Be Trusted 05. Keep The Home Fires Burning 06. The Fountainhead 07. Happy Lobotomy 08. Marblehead Johnson 09. Cut Some Rug 10. Serenity Now 11. Fast Boy 12. I Was A Teenage Jesus 13. Mine In The Morning 14. Slight Return 15. Never Going Nowhere 16. Nae Hair On't ...

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