Производитель: "Неизвестный"

Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are in Turkmenistan with the Taskforce--a top-secret anti-terrorist unit that operates outside U. S. law--when Jennifer gets a call from her brother, Jack. Working on an investigative report into Mexican drug cartels, Jack has unknowingly gotten caught between two rival groups. His desperate call to his sister is his last before he`s kidnapped. In their efforts to rescue Jack, Pike and Jennifer uncover a plot much more insidious than illegal drug trafficking--the cartel that put a target on Jack`s back has discovered a GPS hack with the power to effectively debilitate the United States. With the GPS hack about to be exploited and Jack`s life at stake, Jennifer and Pike must find a way to infiltrate the cartel`s inner circle and eliminate the impending threat. The price of failure, for both the Taskforce and the U. S., is higher than ever. ISBN:9780451467676

Издательство: "Неизвестный" (2015)

ISBN: 9780451467676


I. biographical name (James) Bayard 1825-1878 American writer II. biographical name (Joseph) Deems 1885-1966 American composer & music critic III. biographical name Edward 1645?-1729 American clergyman & poet IV. biographical name Elizabeth (Rosemond) 1932- American film actress V. biographical name Jeremy 1613-1667 English prelate & author VI. biographical name Joseph Hooton 1941- American physicist VII. biographical name Maxwell Davenport 1901-1987 American general VIII. biographical name Richard Edward 1929- Canadian physicist IX. biographical name Tom 1817-1880 English dramatist X. biographical name Zachary 1784-1850 12th president of the United States (1849-50) XI. geographical name city SE Michigan SW of Detroit population 65,868

Источник: Taylor


Brad Brad, n. [Cf. OE. brod, Dan. braad prick, sting, brodde ice spur, frost nail, Sw. brodd frost nail, Icel. broddr any pointed piece of iron or stell; akin to AS. brord point, spire of grass, and perh. to E. bristle. See {Bristle}, n.] A thin nail, usually small, with a slight projection at the top on one side instead of a head; also, a small wire nail, with a flat circular head; sometimes, a small, tapering, square-bodied finishing nail, with a countersunk head. [1913 Webster]

Источник: Brad

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