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Marriage&Family ISBN:9781886330474

Издательство: "Неизвестный" (1999)

ISBN: 9781886330474

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infobox UK place
latitude= 50.8167
longitude= -4.0667
country = England
official_name= Hatherleigh
population= 1,306 (Parish, 2001)
shire_county = Devon
shire_district= West Devon
region= South West England
os_grid_reference = SS5404

Hatherleigh is a small market town in Devon, England. It hosts an arts festival in July [http://www.hatherleighfestival.co.uk] , and a carnival in November featuring tar barrels [http://www.hatherleigh.net/carnival_page.asp] . Hatherleigh Market has weekly sales of sheep, cattle, poultry and on Tuesdays a thriving produce sale.

External links

* [http://www.hatherleigh.net The Hatherleigh Website here]

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