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Immortal Iron Fist: The Complete Collection: Volume 1

Производитель: "Marvel Worldwide"

Experience a brand-new kind of Iron Fist story, one steeped in legends and fables stretching back through the centuries! Orphaned as a child and raised in the lost city of K`un-Lun, Danny Rand returned to America as the mystical martial artist Iron Fist - but all his kung fu skills can`t help him find his place in the modern world. After learning that the legacy of the Iron Fist holds more secrets than he ever dreamed, Danny is invited to fight in a tournament against the Immortal Weapons. At stake is the life of his friend, the legacy of his father and mentor... and the future of K`un-Lun! ISBN:978-0-7851-8542-0

Издательство: "Marvel Worldwide" (2015)

Формат: 170x260мм, 496 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-7851-8542-0

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Matt Fraction

Matt Fraction

Fraction at Midtown Comics Times Square in Manhattan, November 15, 2008.
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer
Notable works The Invincible Iron Man
The Immortal Iron Fist
Uncanny X-Men
Awards "Favourite Newcomer Writer" Eagle Award (2007)
"Best New Series" Eisner Award (2009)
Official website

Matt Fritchman, better known by the pen name Matt Fraction,[1] is an Eisner Award-winning American comic book writer, known for his work as the writer of The Invincible Iron Man, The Immortal Iron Fist and Uncanny X-Men for Marvel Comics and Casanova for Image Comics.



Fraction wrote two columns for Comic Book Resources: "Poplife"[2] and "The Basement Tapes",[3] the latter with Joe Casey.

Fraction started creating comics with smaller publishers including AiT/Planet Lar and IDW Publishing. He became known early in his career for his creator-owned work on The Five Fists of Science and Casanova, before taking on a number of increasingly high-profile assignments for Marvel Comics.

Fraction teamed with Ed Brubaker for an acclaimed run on Marvel's The Immortal Iron Fist. The pair re-teamed on Uncanny X-Men for a short time, after which Fraction wrote the series solo until leaving it in 2011[4]. He is currently writing The Mighty Thor and The Invincible Iron Man, the latter of which led to his consulting work on the set of the film Iron Man 2.[5] He also wrote the Iron Man 2 video game that tied into that film sequel.[6]

In 2011 Fraction wrote the event limited series Fear Itself, which was the central book of the crossover storyline of the same name.[7][8] His next project is a late 2011 relaunch of Defenders with artist Terry Dodson[9]

Personal life

Fraction is married to Kelly Sue DeConnick, a comics writer and adapter of manga into English.[10] They have two children.[11]




Early work

Titles published by various American publishers include:

Marvel Comics

Titles published by Marvel include:


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Ed Brubaker

Infobox Writer
name = Ed Brubaker

imagesize = 200px
caption = Brubaker in 2006
birthdate = Birth date |1966|11|17|df=yes
birthplace = Bethesda, Maryland
deathdate =
deathplace =
occupation = writer
nationality = American
genre = crime, superhero, autobiography
notableworks = "Captain America", "Daredevil", "Criminal", "Gotham Central", "Sleeper"
website =

Ed Brubaker (born November 17, 1966) is an Eisner Award-winning American cartoonist and writer. He was born at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland.

Brubaker is best known for his work as a comic book writer on such titles as "Batman", "Daredevil", "Captain America", "Iron Fist", "Catwoman", "Gotham Central", "Sleeper", "Uncanny X-Men" and "", and "The Authority", and for helping to revive the crime comics genre.

As of 2007, he lives in Seattle, Washington.

Professional History

Alternative and independent comics work

Brubaker’s first work in comics was as a cartoonist, writing and drawing "Pajama Chronicles" for Blackthorne Comics, "Purgatory USA" for Slave Labor Graphics, and the semi-autobiographical series "Lowlife" for Slave Labor Graphics and later Caliber Comics. At Caliber, he briefly edited the anthology series "Monkey Wrench". [ Notable Beginnings] ]

In 1991, he began to contribute to the Dark Horse Comics anthology series "Dark Horse Presents", a comic he would continue to contribute to intermittently throughout the decade. Among those contributions was the three part serial "An Accidental Death" ("Dark Horse Presents" #65-67), a collaboration with artist Eric Shanower, which garnered the two a 1993 Eisner Award nomination.

In 1997, he began to publish his cartoonist work through the small press publisher Alternative Comics. In the one-off "At the Seams", a romantic triangle is explored through three stories which each depict a different participant’s point-of-view. [ Review for "At the Seams"] ] The comic was a 1997 Ignatz Award nominee for Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection. His other work for Alternative Comics, the humorous and experimental "Detour" #1, was solicitated to be the first issue of a series, though only one issue was ever published. [ Indyworld on Brubaker] ] "Detour" was nevertheless nominated for the "Best New Series" Eisner in 1997.

"The Fall", a graphic novel that was written by Brubaker and illustrated by "Berlin" creator Jason Lutes was published by Drawn and Quarterly in 2001. This work had previously been anthologized in five parts in "Dark Horse Presents" in 1998. The story involved a convenience store clerk who gets involved in a ten-year-old murder mystery after he uses a stolen credit card. In 2004 IDW Publishing announced that Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips would collaborate on a creator owned pirate series titled "Black Sails" for them. [] ] That series has not yet materialized and "The Fall" is the last independent comic book work by Brubaker to date.

DC Comics

Predating Brubaker's Alternative Comics work by two years, "Vertigo Visions: Prez, Smells Like Teen President" (1995) was Brubaker's first work for one of the two major American comic book publishers. Published by DC Comics’ "mature readers" imprint Vertigo, the comic was a broad political satire which revamped an obscure 1970s Joe Simon creation. Brubaker worked with his "An Accidental Death" collaborator, artist Eric Shanower, again on the comic.

Brubaker's next major work for Vertigo was the four issue limited series "Scene of the Crime" (1999), which marked his first collaboration with both Michael Lark and Sean Phillips, two artists who would frequently work with the writer in later years. A slacker detective story set in San Francisco, the series was critically acclaimed and the first to gain Brubaker attention from Hollywood producers. [ Newsarama - Criminal] ]

In late 2000, Brubaker signed a one-year exclusive contract with DC Comics. Fact|date=March 2007 The contract was renewed in 2001. Fact|date=March 2007. That same year the writer began to do his first mainstream "super-hero" work, on the series "Batman". He would continue to work on various series starring the Batman character until late 2003.

Returning to Vertigo in 2000, Brubaker and artist Warren Pleece produced the science fiction series "Deadenders". The series lasted 16 issues before being canceled in 2001.Citation | last = Irvine | first = Alex | author-link = Alexander C. Irvine | contribution = Deadenders | editor-last = Dougall | editor-first = Alastair | title = The Vertigo Encyclopedia | pages = 53 | publisher = Dorling Kindersley | place = New York | year = 2008 | ISBN = 0-7566-4122-5 | oclc = 213309015] Staying with Vertigo in 2001, Brubaker wrote the four issue "", which was drawn by artist Bryan Talbot.

Also in 2001 (and back at DC Comics' main super-hero imprint), Brubaker and artist Darwyn Cooke teamed up to revamp the Catwoman character. They started with the four issue serial "Trail of the Catwoman" which ran in "Detective Comics" #759-762. In the serial, private detective Slam Bradley attempts to investigate the death of Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman). The story led into a new "Catwoman" title in late 2001 by Brubaker and Cooke in which the character's costume, supporting cast and modus operandi were all redesigned and redeveloped. Brubaker stayed on the series, which was met with critical and fan acclaim, up until #37 (January 2004).

At the 2001 San Diego Comic Convention Brubaker and Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis discussed co-writing a story which would team up DC's Batman with Marvel's Daredevil. The two writers were enthusiastic about their ideas, which included a fight between Batman and Marvel villain Bullseye as well as another between Catwoman and Elektra. DC editors Matt Idelson and Bob Schreck were also enthusiastic, but DC executive editor Paul Levitz objected to the project due to a prior disagreement with Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada. [ Newsarama ] ] The aborted project became controversial when Bendis publicly spoke Levitz's decision at the 2002 comic convention. (Bendis later apologized for his comments, saying that he regretted ever discussing the project in public.) [ Brian's response to his actions] ]

In early 2003, Brubaker and writer Greg Rucka created and co-wrote the "Gotham Central" series. Focusing on the activities of the Gotham City Police Department, the two writers either co-wrote storylines or wrote alternate arcs separately throughout the series, which featured artwork from Brubaker's "Scene of the Crime" collaborator Michael Lark. The title was cancelled in 2006 shortly after Brubaker's last issue.


In 2002 Brubaker did his first work for Wildstorm, (another DC imprint), with the series "Point Blank" which featured the artwork of British artist Colin Wilson. The series took existing concepts from the Wildstorm universe, such as Grifter (the star of the series), John Lynch and Tao and used them to set up his "Sleeper" series which debuted later that year.

A collaboration between artist Sean Phillips and Brubaker, "Sleeper", featured a secret agent protagonist ("Holden Carver") who goes undercover in a super villain’s powerful organisation, only to have the only contact he has in law enforcement fall in to a coma. With the authorities believing him a dangerous criminal, Carver is caught between the two warring sides with unclear allegiances.

In December 2003, in a unique publicity stunt conceived to help promote the first trade paperback collection of "Sleeper", Brubaker organized an "arm-wrestling competition" at San Francisco's "Isotope - the comic book lounge" comic book shop. If participants were able to beat Brubaker at arm wrestling they were awarded free signed comic books. According to Brubaker, the writer wrestled 40-50 people and won most of the fights, losing only eight or nine times. [ Arm Wrestling Tournament] ]

Although "Sleeper" was a success with critics and fans on the internet, the series underperformed commercially, and so it was canceled after its 12th issue, only to be relaunched in 2004 with the same creators as "Sleeper: Season Two". [ Ed Brubaker On Wildstorm Changes & Sleeper'S Future] , Newsarama] "Season Two" also ended with its twelfth issue, the story apparently concluded.

Brubaker's other work for Wildstorm during this period was the third volume of "The Authority". Brubaker first tackled the characters with artist Jim Lee on the one issue special "Coup D’état: Sleeper" which showed how a series of events led the Authority (a powerful team of super-humans) to take over the United States. Later that year and throughout 2005 Brubaker and artist Dustin Nguyen produced the 12 issue "The Authority: Revolution" which explored the ramifications of the team's actions.

Marvel Comics

In late 2004 Brubaker, no longer exclusive to DC, began to work for their main competitor Marvel Comics. His first major work for the publisher was the fifth relaunch of the "Captain America" series. Paired with artist Steve Epting, Brubaker's "Captain America" introduced new villains and resurrected the long dead character Bucky as "The Winter Soldier". The series was a sales and critical success from its first issue.

In February 2005 Brubaker signed his first exclusive contract with Marvel, the deal allowing the writer to finish out his prior commitments for DC on "Gotham Central" and "Sleeper". [ CBR News on Ed's Deal] ] In an interview with Newsarama Brubaker attributed his shift of employer to the publishers' good treatment of him, the quality and high profile of the work Marvel was offering him and his lack of involvement in DC's "big plans" (DC's large intercompany crossover "Infinite Crisis" was in the final planning stages at the time). [ ED BRUBAKER ON SIGNING WITH MARVEL] ] Brubaker's Marvel exclusive contract was extended and expanded in April 2006. [;f=36;t=005056 BRUBAKER EXTENDS EXCLUSIVE WITH MARVEL COMICS] ]

In early 2006 Brubaker wrote two limited series for Marvel; with artist Pablo Raimondi, he wrote "Books of Doom", which retold and expanded on the origin of Doctor Doom; and with artist Trevor Hairsine, he wrote "", ret-conning information about the origins of the "All New, All-Different X-Men" who first debuted in 1975.

In addition, that year Brubaker started on "Daredevil", having already planned his run with Brian. [ Comic Book Resources - CBR News: WWC, Day 1 - Taking The Dare: Brubaker/Lark to take over “Daredevil” in December ] ] Once again teamed with artist Michael Lark, Brubaker followed Brian Michael Bendis' acclaimed stint on the title, exploring the ramifications of the characters imprisonment, which occurred at the close of Bendis' run.

He became the regular writer of "Uncanny X-Men", working with artist Billy Tan and Clayton Henry, in July 2006. [ Ed and Uncanny X-Men] ]

A new creator-owned crime comic with Sean Phillips, "Criminal", has been published by Marvel's Icon Comics imprint. [ Ed Brubaker on "Criminal"] , Newsarama, June 21, 2006] [ [ Breaking the Law(less): Brubaker Talks "Criminal"] , Comic Book Resources, May 8, 2007] It has generally received positive reviews [ Review on Criminal] ] . In 2007, "Criminal" won the Eisner Award for Best New Series for its first arc, "Coward." [ Awards] ] He and Phillips are now working on a new Icon series called "Incognito", which Brubaker says is "about a completely amoral guy with super-powers forced to pretend he's a normal law-abiding citizen, because he's in Witness Protection, and how that shapes what he becomes. It's also a brutal noir twist on the super-hero/super-villain genre that delves more into their roots in the pulps, and it's going to be pretty over-the-top and action-packed." [ [ Ed Brubaker on Incognito] , Newsarama, September 16, 2008]

Brubaker, together with Matt Fraction, co-wrote the new "Iron Fist" ongoing series, The Immortal Iron Fist, which started in November 2006 and quickly became of of Marvel's most popular books. [ Ed on Iron Fist] ]

Recently, Brubaker has been pushed into the media spotlight for writing the Captain America issue involving the death of Steve Rogers. Brubaker has taken credit for conceiving the idea.Fact|date=September 2008

Writing style

Brubaker first early comics work was primarily in the crime fiction genre with works such as "Lowlife", "The Fall", "Sandman Presents: Dead Boy Detectives" and "Scene of the Crime". His initial super-hero comics work tended to incorporate some aspects of the crime genre - examples of this include "Batman" (detective stories), "Catwoman" (whose star is a cat burglar) and "Sleeper" (which featured a protagonist who goes undercover as a super-powered criminal).

This has continued with his work at Marvel Comics, such as "Daredevil" (the first issues of his run are largely set in a prison) and "Criminal". However, he has also worked on more mainstream super-hero series for Marvel, such as "Captain America" (which features elements of the espionage genre of fiction), "Iron Fist" (pulp and kung fu) and "Uncanny X-Men".

When working on licensed characters with extensive established histories at both Marvel and DC, Brubaker has consistently changed aspects of those characters' back-stories. Examples of this include the return of Holly in "Catwoman", the return of Bucky in "Captain America", and the introduction of the character Vulcan in "X-Men: Deadly Genesis". Brubaker has defended himself against criticism of this aspect of his work by stating that the emergence of an unrevealed "secret from the past" is "one of the main tropes of all mystery and suspense fiction, as well as one of the oldest stories in the world - just look at "Oedipus", for example". [ Ed defends his storytelling] ]

Nominations and Awards


*1993 Eisner Award nominee - Best Writer-Artist Team ("An Accidental Death") [ An Accidental Death's Award] ]
*1997 Ignatz Award nominee - Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection ("At the Seams") [ At the Seams Award] ]
*1999 Eisner Award nominee - Best Writer ("Scene of the Crime") and Best Mini-Series ("Scene of the Crime") [ books . scene of the crime: a little piece of goodnight | ] ]
*2007 Eisner Award nominee - Best Continuing Series ("Daredevil" with Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano, "Captain America" with Steve Epting) [ Captain America Awards at] ]


*2000 Prism Award ("Disguises" from "Catwoman" #17-19) [ Catwoman Awards] ]
*2004 GLAAD Media Awards - Outstanding Comic Book ("Catwoman" by Ed Brubaker) [ Glaad Media Awards] ]
*2006 Harvey Award Winner - Best Writer ("Captain America") [ Harvey Awards] ]
*2007 Eisner Award - Best Writer ("Daredevil", "Captain America", "Criminal"), Best New Series ("Criminal" with Sean Phillips) [ The 2007 Eisner Awards: Winners List ] ]
*2007 Harvey Award - Best Writer ("Daredevil") [ 2007 Harvey Awards] ]
*2008 Eisner Award - Best Writer ("Captain America", "Criminal", "Daredevil" and "Immortal Iron Fist")


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* [ Complete work history at]


* [ Around Comics Interview - August 2006]
* [ Comic Geek Speak Podcast Interview (February 2006)]

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Matt Fraction, Ed BrubakerImmortal Iron Fist: The Complete Collection: Volume 1Experience a brand-new kind of Iron Fist story, one steeped in legends and fables stretching back through the centuries! Orphaned as a child and raised in the lost city of K`un-Lun, Danny Rand… — @Marvel Worldwide, @(формат: 170x260мм, 496 стр.) @ @ @ Подробнее...2015
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Brubaker EdImmortal Iron Fist: The Complete Collection. Volume 1Experience a brand-new kind of Iron Fist story, one steeped in legends and fables stretching back through the centuries! Orphaned as a child and raised in the lost city of K'un-Lun, Danny Rand… — @Hachette Book Group, @(формат: 170x260мм, 496 стр.) @- @ @ Подробнее...2013
3007бумажная книга

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