Книга: Robin Hobb «Fool`s Errand»

Fool`s Errand

Производитель: "Harper Voyager"

Return to the world of the Farseers... Robin Hobb`s best loved characters, Fitz, The Fool and Nighteyes the wolf, face new adventures and trials in the first book of The Tawny Man trilogy. When Assassin`s Quest closed, Fitz was living in self-imposed exile. Wracked with pain, he had chosen to discard the magical gifts that had seen him survive the wonders and torments of navigating the legendary city of the Elderlings, and of raising a dragon. Now, in this the first of a new trilogy, we are returned to the world of the Six Duchies and the lives of those who managed to survive the events of the first Assassin trilogy. Fifteen years have passed and events are about to sweep Fitz out of his quiet backwater life and into the main political current again. Persecution of the Witted has become rampant throughout the Six Duchies despite Queen Kettricken`s effort to damp it. The Witted themselves have begun to strike back. So when 15 year old Prince Dutiful disappears, is it only because he is nervous about his betrothal ceremony to an Outislander princess, or has he been taken hostage by the Witted? Worse, is he perhaps another`Piebald Prince`, a Farseer tainted by Wit magic? As the desperate situation worsens, Kettricken has no choice but to summon Fitz to Buckkeep, for who better to track the young prince down than another gifted with the Wit, together with his bonded companion, the wolf Nighteyes?

Издательство: "Harper Voyager" (2014)

Формат: 130x200, 592 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-00-758589-2

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Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb

At the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom, August 2005
Born Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden
California, U.S.
Pen name Robin Hobb, Megan Lindholm
Occupation Writer
Nationality United States
Period 1983–present
Genres Fantasy fiction
Notable work(s) Assassin's Apprentice
Royal Assassin
Assassin's Quest

Robin Hobb is the second pen name of novelist Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden (born 1952 in California) who produces primarily fantasy fiction, although she has published some science fiction.

From 1983 to 1992, she wrote exclusively under the pseudonym Megan Lindholm. Fiction under that pseudonym tends to be contemporary fantasy. In 1995, she began use of the pseudonym Robin Hobb for works of epic traditional European Medieval Fantasy. She currently publishes under both names, and she currently lives in Tacoma, Washington. As of 2003 she had sold over 1 million copies of her first nine Robin Hobb novels.[1] She has just finished writing a two volume novel called The Rain Wild Chronicles. The volumes are named The Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven.[2] Her latest release, The Inheritance, is a collection of short fiction by both Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm. She is currently working on her next book, which is as yet untitled. It will continue the stories of some of the characters from The Rain Wild Chronicles.



Ogden was born in California in 1952, but was raised in Alaska.[3] After graduating from high school, she studied at Denver University for a year and then returned to Alaska. After marrying at eighteen, she moved to Kodiak, an island off the coast of Alaska. It was at this time that she sold her first short story, and began a career writing for children's magazines. "Bones for Dulath" in Amazons! was the first piece of fantasy that she published as Megan Lindholm.[4] The anthology was published by Daw, edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, and won a World Fantasy Award for Year's Best Anthology. Over the next decade she moved around America, before settling in Washington and continuing her writing career in fantasy and science fiction. She has three grown children and a young daughter.

Her books have been praised by Orson Scott Card. Card has stated that she "arguably set the standard for the modern serious fantasy novel."[5]


As Megan Lindholm

The Ki and Vandien Quartet

Tillu and Kerlew

Other Books

Short stories

As Robin Hobb

The Realm of the Elderlings

The Farseer Trilogy

The Farseer Trilogy follows the life of FitzChivalry Farseer (Fitz), a trained assassin, in a kingdom called The Six Duchies while his uncle, Prince Verity, attempts to wage war on the Red-Ship Raiders from The OutIslands who are attacking the shores of the kingdom by turning the people of the Six Duchies into Forged ones; still alive, but without any emotion, memory or soul. Meanwhile Prince Regal's jealousy and the indulgence of his own selfish whims threatens to destroy Six Duchies.

Liveship Traders Trilogy

The Liveship Traders Trilogy mainly takes place southwest of The Six Duchies in Bingtown (a colony of Jamaillia) and focuses on Liveships (sentient ships). The trilogy is unusually nautical – an area seldom covered in fantasy – with the germ of it being apparently the idea of portraying ships whose figureheads are literally alive and sentient. While this trilogy does not follow FitzChivalry Farseer's life, it is linked to both the Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies.

The Tawny Man Trilogy

The Tawny Man continues the life of FitzChivalry Farseer from The Farseer Trilogy. It commences 15 years after the events in Assassin's Quest, a period covered in part by The Liveship Traders Trilogy. It focuses on The Fool's attempts to guide others to fulfill his prophecies.

The Rain Wilds Chronicles

Takes place in the years after the Liveship Traders trilogy, and runs concurrently with and following the events of the Tawny Man Trilogy.

  • Dragon Keeper (2009)
  • Dragon Haven (2010)
  • City of Dragons (February of 2012)[6]
  • Blood of Dragons (February of 2013)

Soldier Son Trilogy

Set in a new world unrelated to her previous trilogies, the Soldier Son Trilogy follows the life of Nevare Burvelle, the second son of a newly elevated Lord of the Kingdom of Gernia, and his preparation for and education at the King's Cavalla Academy.

Short stories


  • The Inheritance & Other Stories (2011), contains seven stories written as Megan Lindholm and three stories (all set in the Realm of the Elderlings) written as Robin Hobb. The three stories are The Inheritance, Homecoming and a new story, Cat's Meat.


  • Interview conducted by Annaïg Houesnard for Elbakin.net during "Les Imaginales" 2008.
  • Interview conducted by Rob Bedford for sffworld.com
  • Interview conducted by Patrick for sffworld.com
  • Interview on wotmania.com
  • Interview conducted by Jay Tomio for BSCreview.com
  • Interview conducted by Maïté Hoste for KissMyGeek.com
  • Interview conducted by Bertrand Hallyn (Duiker) for The Breathless Quills, Les Plumes Asthmatiques and Antiquité-SFFF


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