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Building Structures

Производитель: "Неизвестный"

Building Structures ISBN:9780471507833

Издательство: "Неизвестный" (1989)

ISBN: 9780471507833

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James AmbroseBuilding StructuresBuilding Structures ISBN:9780471507833 — Неизвестный, Подробнее...1989
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AJ FRANCISFrancis: ?introducing? Structures: Civil&Structu Ral Engineering Building&Architec (cloth)Francis: ?introducing? Structures: Civil&Structu Ral Engineering Building&Architec (cloth) ISBN:9780745807119 — Неизвестный, Подробнее...1989
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AJ FRANCISFrancis: ?introducing? Structures: Civil&Structu Ral Engineering Building&Architec (paper)Francis: ?introducing? Structures: Civil&Structu Ral Engineering Building&Architec (paper) ISBN:9780745807591 — Неизвестный, Подробнее...1989
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Dr. RAJA RIZWAN HUSSAIN and Engr. SUMERA KHALIDFRAME STRUCTURESThis book is about the computer aided analysis and design of RC structures. The book discusses basis of structural design, Types of structures, Components of structure, Various loads, Slabs, Types of… — LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Подробнее...2011
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Workplace Spanish for Building&Fire InspectorsLearn to communicate simply, but effectively, with Spanish-speaking contractors, workers and business owners. Tailored specifically for City Inspectors, this helpful manual allows you to communicate… — Неизвестный, Подробнее...
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