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First Russian Words


The Oxford First Words series give your child a head start in learning another language. Each title takes the reader on a picture-book journey through a day, cleverly interweaving lots of familiar settings and cute little dinosaurs. There is a birds eye view of first thing in the morning at home, the journey to school and inside the classroom, a birthday party and even a trip to the seaside. Over 400 foreign words and their English translations are given in illustrated color bands on the side of each page. There is also supplementary material at the back - a picture/word matching game, counting the ladybirds up to twenty, shapes both flat and three-dimensional, opposites, the weather, time, plus a comprehensive index. The fun illustrations make this an adorable first bilingual word book. Show More Show Less ISBN:978-0-19-911151-0

Издательство: "OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS" (2012)

Формат: 220x275, 48 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-19-911151-0

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