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With My Body

Производитель: "Fourth Estate"

In 2003 Nikki Gemmell created a sensation when, writing under the tag Anonymous, her novel The Bride Stripped Bare became a literary phenomenon, with its raw and unflinching depiction of female sexuality. Now, eight years later, Gemmell returns with another tour de force, With My Body, and addresses the question of what is intimacy and whether it is ever truly possible to know another person. It is at once a manifesto of married mothers everywhere and a highly personal story of one woman`s sexual awakening. A wife, comfortably married and with three children, is contemplating middle age along with all the constraints of motherhood. Finding herself numb and locked down in an unending cycle of school runs, laundry and meal times, she cannot at first see a way to live with honesty. Even her husband, whom she loves, has never reached the core of her. Despairing of ever finding a way through her family to her own identity, she returns to the memory of an old love affair - the consequences of which she has never resolved. She goes back to her past and confronts it, and the result is an exhilarating examination of present-day sexuality. With My Body is exquisitely raw, emotional and bold, and deeply resonant of the classic French erotic writings of Colette, Nin and Duras - but with a modern and provocative twist.

Издательство: "Fourth Estate" (2012)

Формат: 130x195, 484 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-00-734639-4

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Nikki Gemmell

Nikki Gemmell (born 1966) is an Australian author, best known for anonymously writing the best-selling erotic novel The Bride Stripped Bare.

Gemmell was born in Wollongong, New South Wales and attended Kincoppal-Rose Bay, School of the Sacred Heart, Sydney on a scholarship, then graduated with a Masters in Writing from the University of Technology, Sydney. She has worked as a radio journalist for ABC Radio in Sydney, New South Wales, Darwin, Northern Territory, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, at Triple J, the ABC's youth network and as a producer for the BBC World Service.[1]

She wrote three novels: Shiver, Cleave and Love Song, before the 2003 publication of The Bride Stripped Bare, which became an international bestseller.[2] A follow-up novel entitled With My Body was published in Australia and the UK in October 2011 and is scheduled to be published in the United States in 2012.

In 1999, Cleave was shortlisted in the Fiction category of the Queensland Premier's Literary Awards.[3]

The Bride Stripped Bare was published anonymously, however Gemmell had been publicly identified as its author before publication.[4] It went on the become the best-selling book by an Australian author in 2003.[5]

Gemmell's narrative style has gained her critical and popular acclaim in France. She has been described in France as a "female Jack Kerouac".[6] In 2007, the French literary magazine Lire included her in a list of what it called the fifty most important writers in the world – those it believed would have a significant influence on the literature of the 21st century.[7]

In 2003 Gemmell wrote a weekly column for the Mail on Sunday in London which formed the basis of a compendium titled Pleasure: An Almanac for the Heart (2006).[8]. She currently writes a column for The Australian newspaper.

Four books by Gemmell, Shiver, Cleave, The Bride Stripped Bare and The Book of Rapture, made the longlist of "Favourite Australian Novels" as chosen by readers of the Australian Book Review.[9]




  • Shiver (1997); published as Traversée in France
  • Cleave (1998); published as Alice Springs in the United States (1999) and Les noces sauvages in France
  • Lovesong (2002)
  • The Bride Stripped Bare (2003); published as La mariée mise à nu in France
  • The Book of Rapture (2009)
  • With My Body (UK and Australia 2011, United States 2012)

Non fiction

  • Pleasure: An Almanac of the Heart (2006), published as Plaisir : Un florilège du coeur in France
  • Why You Are Australian – A Letter to My Children (2009)


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