Книга: Stephen R. Lawhead «Pendragon Cycle 5: Grail»

Pendragon Cycle 5: Grail

Производитель: "HarperCollins Publishers"

Drought, plague, and war have left the Isle of the Mighty battered and its heart, the beloved Arthur, grievously injured until a secret relic is brought before the dying KIng; a Holy Grail that heals his wounds and restores his vigor. But soon evil enters the royal court in the guise of a beautiful maiden; a soulless, malevolent force capable of seducing the King`s loyal champion, confounding the sage whom some call Merlin, and carrying the sacred Grail and Arthur`s adored Queen off into the dark unknown. And now Arthur faces the greatest challenge of his sovererignty: a quest of recovery that must lead the noble liege through realms of magic and the undead, on a trail that winds inexorably toward a grim confrontation with his most foul nemesis... and his destiny. Drought, plague and war have left the Isle of Mighty battered and its heart, the beloved Arthur, grievously injured. But, astonishingly, the High King lives his wounds healed and vigor restored by a sacred and secret relic: the Holy Grail. At Ynys Avallach, a dying Arthur was miraculously renewed. And now, in this time of rampant disease and death, the great king wants to share the Grail`s curative powers with all who require it. A shrine will be built to house the holy treasure and Arthur`s fabled Kingdom of Summer will at long last come to be. But evil has entered the royal court in the guise of a beautiful maiden. Unbeknownst to Arthur, to his devoted warriors, to his adored Gwenhwyvar... even to the bard Myrddrin, the sage Emrys whom some have called`Merlin`, malevolent forces, soulless and cunning, seduce the King`s most loyal champion. And in an unthinkable unguarded moment, the Grail is carried off, vanishing somewher

Издательство: "HarperCollins Publishers" (2008)

ISBN: 978-0-380-78104-1

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Pendragon Cycle 5: GrailDrought, plague, and war have left the Isle of the Mighty battered and its heart, the beloved Arthur, grievously injured—until a secret relic is brought before the dying KIng; a Holy Grail that heals… — HarperCollins Publishers, - Подробнее...2008656бумажная книга

Stephen R. Lawhead

Stephen R. Lawhead (born July 2, 1950) is a best-selling American writer known for his works of fantasy, science fiction, and more recently, historical fiction. He has written over 22 novels and numerous children's and non-fiction books.

He was born to Robert Eugene Lawhead and Lois Rowena Bissell Lawhead at Good Samaritan Hospital, Kearney, Nebraska. In 1968, Lawhead graduated from Kearney High and entered Kearney State College as an Art major. In 1969, while at Kearney State College, he wrote a weekly humour column for the college newspaper and was a frequent contributor of poetry and short stories to "The Shore Anthology" and "The Antler". Lawhead met Alice Slaikeu in 1971 and married her in 1972. He graduated from Kearney State College in 1973 with B.A. in Art and then went on to enroll in Northern Baptist Theological Seminary for the winter semester of 1975. In 2003, Stephen received an honorary doctorate from the University of Nebraska in Kearney. In 1976, Lawhead became an editorial assistant for Campus Life Magazine.

Beginning in 1981, Lawhead began to author novels, initially fantasy and science fiction. In 1986, he moved to Oxford, England to do research for The Pendragon Cycle, a reinterpretation of the legend of King Arthur in a Celtic setting combined with elements of Atlantis. Heavily rooted in the original Celtic source material which gave rise to the later and more familiar versions of the Arthurian legend, the series has received widespread critical acclaim for its creative retelling of the Arthur legend and historical credibility.

The first book in the series, "Taliesin", won the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association's Gold Medallion Award for Fiction in 1988. Lawhead's research for The Pendragon Cycle sparked an interest in Celtic history and culture, especially Celtic Christianity, topics which have featured prominently in his work ever since.

"The Song of Albion Trilogy" prompted a return to England, Lawhead having left in 1987. This was a series of books set between the Celtic "Otherworld" and present-day Britain. In the 1990s, he published "Byzantium", a work of pure historical fiction, followed by the quasi-sequel trilogy "The Celtic Crusades", set at the time of the Crusades, and then "Avalon: The Return of King Arthur", a stand-alone related to the "Pendragon Cycle".

In 2003 Lawhead published the novel "Patrick: Son of Ireland", which follows the historical life of Saint Patrick (and was arguably a prequel of "Byzantium", as it deals with the same order of monks, the Cele De). His latest project is the "'King Raven" trilogy - an authentic retelling of the Robin Hood legend. The second book in the trilogy, "Scarlet" won a Christy Award in the Visionary category.

Lawhead's family also seem to have a talent for writing. Alice Slaikeu Lawhead co-wrote the "Pilgrims Guide to the New Age" and has written several works of non-fiction. His eldest son Ross Lawhead is co-author of the "Hero!" series. Stephen and Alice have one other son Drake Lawhead, to whom Stephen dedicated "The Warlords of Nin", the second book in the "Dragon King Trilogy".

List of novels

Many of his books are in series following a common theme:

Dragon King trilogy:
* "In the Hall of the Dragon King" (1982)
* "The Warlords of Nin" (1983)
* "The Sword and the Flame" (1984)

Empyrion Saga:
* "Empyrion I: The Search for Fierra" (1985)
* "Empyrion II: The Siege of Dome" (1986)

The Pendragon Cycle:
* "Taliesin" (1987)
* "Merlin" (1988)
* "Arthur" (1989)
* "Pendragon" (1994)
* "Grail" (1997)

The Song of Albion:
* "The Paradise War" (1991)
* "The Silver Hand" (1992)
* "The Endless Knot" (1993)

The Celtic Crusades:
* "The Iron Lance" (1998)
* "The Black Rood" (2000)
* "The Mystic Rose" (2001)

"'King Raven Trilogy
* "Hood" (2006)
* "Scarlet" (2007)
* "Tuck" (due in 2009)

Hero (With Ross Lawhead):
*"City Of Dreams" (2003)
*"Rogue Nation" (unpublished)
*"World Without End" (unpublished)

He has also written several stand-alone novels:
*"Dream Thief" (1983)
*"Byzantium" (1996)
*"Avalon: The Return of King Arthur" (1999) — related to the Pendragon Cycle
*"Patrick: Son of Ireland" (2003)

Children's Fiction

The Brown Ears Books:
*"Brown Ears: The adventures of a lost-and-found rabbit" (1988)
*"Brown Ears at Sea: More adventures of a lost-and-found rabbit" (1990)

The Howard Books
*"Howard Had A Spaceship"
*"Howard Had A Submarine"
*"Howard Had A Hot Air Balloon"
*"Howard Had A Shrinking Machine"

The Riverbank Series
*"The Tale of Jeremy Vole"
*"The Tale of Timothy Mallard"
*"The Tale of Annabelle Hedgehog"


*"The Ultimate College Student Handbook" (1989) (later published as "The Total Guide to College Life") - With Alice Lawhead
* "Rock on Trial: Pop Music and its Role in Our Lives" (1989)
*"Rock of This Age: The Real & Imagined Dangers of Rock Music" (1987)
*"Pilgrim's Guide to the New Age" (1986) - With Alice Lawhead
*"Judge For Yourself" (1985)
*"The Phoenix Factor: Surviving and Growing Through Personal Crisis" (1985) (later published as "Up From the Ashes") - With Karl A. Slaikeu
*"Turn Back the Night: A Christian Response to Popular Culture" (1985)
*"Welcome to the Family: How to Find a Home With Other Believers" (1982)
*"Rock Reconsidered: A Christian Looks at Contemporary Music" (1981)
*"After You Graduate: A Guide to Life After High School" (1978)
*"Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! What to do When You Can't Make Up Your Mind" (1978)

Books Contributed to

Lawhead has also contributed essays or chapters to several books. His essay "J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of Middle Earth," which describes the impact Tolkien's writings had on him, is featured in the following titles:
* "More Than Words: Contemporary Writers on the Works That Shaped Them" (2002) (previously published as "Reality and the Vision" (1990) and "The Classics We've Read, The Difference They've Made" (1993)) - Compiled by Philip Yancey, edited by James C. Schaap
* "Tolkien: A Celebration" (1999) - Edited by Joseph Pearce

Lawhead contributed a chapter on "Christ the King" in "Epiphanies: Stories for the Christian Year" (1992 - ed. Eugene Peterson and Emilie Griffin), a collection of writings structured around the calendar of Christian holy days. His wife, Alice Slaikeu Lawhead, also contributed the chapter reflecting on Advent.

Lawhead has contributed to one fictional compilation, writing a chapter in the serial mystery novel "Carnage at Christhaven" (1989 - ed. William Griffin).

External links

* [http://www.stephenlawhead.com Stephen Lawhead's official website]
* [http://www.aracnet.com/~petercj/srl/FAQ.html Stephen Lawhead FAQ]

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