Book: Mccallion Robert «Improve Your Cash Flow»

Improve Your Cash Flow

Производитель: "Stoughton"

Серия: "Teach Yourself"

Do you have responsibility for managing cash flow in a small to medium enterprise or as a manager in a larger organisation, but have limited financial experience? Do you worry that lack of attention to this crucial aspect of financial management could lead to disaster for your business? Improve your Cash Flow, written by two leading financial experts, will help employers, managers and consultants to understand more about how to manage cash flow and how it can impact on your business. Whether you are working at home, a growing business or a non-financial manager this book will guide you easily through all the issues, providing practical advice on why cash is king, including why businesses go bust; why profit is not cash, how to deal with creditors and debtors; using supplier credit as a source of finance; debtors and cash collection; financial planning and sources of funding; the pros and cons of debt finance, using your bank effectively and much more.

Издательство: "Stoughton" (2010)

ISBN: 978-1-4441-0863-7

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