Book: Lisa Campbell «Cosmic: Level B1: Teachers Book»

Cosmic: Level B1: Teachers Book

Производитель: "Pearson Education (Longman)"

Cosmic is a bright, lively, dynamic new course which brings the real world into the classroom, from the viewpoint of the student. Cosmic provides: Preparation for multiple exams while covering the CEF language syllabus. Technology-framed content with motivating interactive materials: educational games; blogs; web search activities. Wide-ranging cross-cultural topics approached from a variety of angles. Strong focus on systematic vocabulary development. Plenty of grammar revision, testing and skills practice. Cosmic offers the perfect platform for students to investigate, solve and report... with a clear focus on one final goal - exam success! ISBN:9781408246450

Издательство: "Pearson Education (Longman)" (2013)

Формат: 220x295, 320 стр.

ISBN: 9781408246450

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Cosmic: Level B1: Teachers BookCosmic is a bright, lively, dynamic new course which brings the real world into the classroom, from the viewpoint of the student. Cosmic provides: Preparation for multiple exams while covering the… — Pearson Education Limited, (формат: 220x295, 190 стр.) Подробнее...2012564бумажная книга

Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell (* 1. Mai 1968 in Frankston, geborene Lisa Bryant) ist eine australische Badmintonspielerin.


Lisa Campbell nahm 1996 an Olympia teil. Im Einzel wurde sie dabei 33. und im Mixed mit Murray Hocking 17. in der Endabrechnung. Erfolgreicher war sie bei den Australian International, die sie insgesamt sechs Mal gewinnen konnte.

Sportliche Erfolge

Saison Veranstaltung Disziplin Platz Name
1992 Australian International Damendoppel 1 Amanda Hardy / Lisa Campbell
1993 Australian International Damendoppel 1 Amanda Hardy / Lisa Campbell
1994 Australian International Dameneinzel 1 Lisa Campbell
1995 Australian International Dameneinzel 1 Lisa Campbell
1996 Australian International Dameneinzel 1 Lisa Campbell
1996 Olympia Dameneinzel 33 Lisa Campbell
1996 Olympia Mixed 17 Murray Hocking / Lisa Campbell
1997 Australian International Mixed 1 Murray Hocking / Lisa Campbell


Источник: Lisa Campbell

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