Книга: Matthew Reilly «Contest (изд. 2005 г. )»

Contest (изд. 2005 г. )

Производитель: "Macmillan Publishers"

Dr. Stephen Swain has found himself locked in the after-hours darkness of the New York Public Library. It isn t a mistake. He s been entombed in the historic sanctuary for a reason as the guest of an unknown host, chosen for a night of fun and games. He s unprepared. He s afraid. And he s not alone. Six other contestants roam the black halls, room by room, floor by floor, in the dead silence. Each strapped with an explosive set to detonate should they escape before the night is over. The terms are simple: seven players enter only one will leave. Now Swain must navigate the labyrinth to outwit the unknown moves of his mysterious opponents, and to outlast the unimaginable dangers that await him. Against insurmountable odds the contest has begun. Should he win, the greatest, most unfathomable terror lies at the night s end: the very reason behind the game

Издательство: "Macmillan Publishers" (2005)

ISBN: 978-0-312-99004-6

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Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly
Born 2 July 1974 (1974-07-02) (age 37)
Occupation Novelist
Nationality Australian
Genres Action/Thriller


Matthew John Reilly (born 2 July 1974[1] in Sydney) is an Australian action thriller writer. His novels are noted for their fast pace, twisting plots and intense action.



After graduating from Sydney's St Aloysius' College[2] in 1992,[3] Reilly studied Law at the University of New South Wales,[4] where he was also a contributor to the student law society publication "Poetic Justice".[citation needed] Reilly wrote his first book Contest while just 19 and self-published it in 1996.[1] It was rejected by every major publishing company in Sydney, leading Reilly to self-publish 1,000 copies using money borrowed from his family. Reilly's second book, Ice Station was also written whilst a student at the University of NSW.[5]

Reilly owns several movie prop reproductions including a life-size statue of Han Solo frozen in carbonite (Star Wars), a golden idol (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and a working DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future).[1] A big fan of hollywood blockbusters, Reilly hopes to direct one of his own books as movies some day.


Stand-alone novels

  • 1996 Contest (Self-published in 1996; published by Pan Macmillan in 2000)
  • 1999 Temple (appears to be set in the same universe as the Shane Schofield series, is referred to in passing in Ice Station, Area 7 and Hell Island.)

The Shane Schofield series

See Shane Schofield
  • 1998 Ice Station
  • 2001 Area 7
  • 2003 Scarecrow
  • 2005 Hell Island (Novella which was an Australian "Books Alive" exclusive; reworked version for people with reading difficulties, released for the "Quick Reads" program in UK)
  • 2011 Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves (Scarecrow Returns US title)

The Jack West Jr series

See Jack West Jr

Hover Car Racer

  • 2004 Hover Car Racer (released online at www.hovercarracer.com; published by Pan Mac same year)Printed version illustrated by Roy Govier
  • 2005 Crash Course (US release only; 1st third of Hover Car Racer novel, illustrated by Pablo Raimondi)
  • 2006 Full Throttle (US release only; 2nd third of Hover Car Racer novel, illustrated by Pablo Raimondi)
  • 2007 Photo Finish (US release only; final third of Hover Car Racer novel, illustrated by Pablo Raimondi)

Future novels

In his interview at the end of Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves, Reilly announced that he had completed an unnamed murder-mystery thriller novel set in 1550, describing it as "Matthew Reilly meets The Name of the Rose!" Reilly also suggested that the next novel he would write would be a Scarecrow novel as opposed to a Jack West novel. [7]


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