Книга: Mario Puzo «The Family»

The Family

Производитель: "Arrow Books"

`We are a family`, Alexander told his children.`And the loyalty of the family must come before everything and everyone else. We must learn from each other, protect each other, and be bound first and foremost to each other. For if we honor that commitment, we will never be vanquished - but if we falter in that loyalty, we will all be condemned`. In a tale of brutality and betrayal that crowns Mario Puzo`s remarkable career, he brings us the story of the greatest crime family in Italian history - the Borgias.

Издательство: "Arrow Books" (2009)

ISBN: 978-0-0995-3326-9

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Mario Puzo

Mario Puzo

Puzo in 1996
Born Mario Gianluigi Puzo
October 15, 1920(1920-10-15)
Manhattan, New York
Died July 2, 1999(1999-07-02) (aged 78)
Bay Shore, New York
Pen name Mario Cleri
Occupation Novelist, screenwriter
Nationality American (Italo-American)
Period 1955–99
Genres Crime fiction
Subjects Mafia
Notable work(s) The Godfather (1969)
Spouse(s) Erika Puzo (1921–78)
Children Anthony Puzo
Joseph Puzo
Dorothy Antoinette Puzo
Virginia Erika Puzo
Eugene Puzo



Mario Gianluigi Puzo (October 15, 1920 – July 2, 1999) was an American author and screenwriter, known for his novels about the Mafia, including The Godfather (1969), which he later co-adapted into a film by Francis Ford Coppola. He won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in both 1972, and 1974.



Puzo was born into a poor family from Pietradefusi, Province of Avellino, Campania, Italy living in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York.[1] Many of his books draw heavily on this heritage. After graduating from the City College of New York, he joined the United States Army Air Forces in World War II. Due to his poor eyesight, the military did not let him undertake combat duties but made him a public relations officer stationed in Germany. In 1950, his first short story, The Last Christmas, was published in American Vanguard. After the war, he wrote his first book, The Dark Arena, which was published in 1955.

At periods in the 1950s and early 1960s, Puzo worked as a writer/editor for publisher Martin Goodman's Magazine Management Company. Puzo, along with other writers like Bruce Jay Friedman, worked for the company line of men's magazines, pulp titles like Male, True Action, and Swank. Under the pseudonym Mario Cleri, Puzo wrote World War II adventure features for True Action.[2]

Puzo's most famous work, The Godfather, was first published in 1969 after he had heard anecdotes about Mafia organizations during his time in pulp journalism. He later said in an interview with Larry King that his principal motivation was to make money. He had already, after all, written two books that had received great reviews, yet had not amounted to much. As a government clerk with five children, he was looking to write something that would appeal to the masses. With a number one bestseller for months on the New York Times Best Seller List, Mario Puzo had found his target audience. The book was later developed into the film The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. The movie received 11 Academy Award nominations, winning three, including an Oscar for Puzo for Best Adapted Screenplay. Coppola and Puzo collaborated then to work on sequels to the original film, The Godfather Part II and The Godfather Part III.

Puzo wrote the first draft of the script for the 1974 disaster film Earthquake, which he was unable to continue working on due to his commitment to The Godfather Part II. Puzo also co-wrote Richard Donner's Superman and the original draft for Superman II. He also collaborated on the stories for the 1982 film A Time to Die and the 1984 Francis Ford Coppola film The Cotton Club.

Puzo never saw the publication of his penultimate book, Omertà, but the manuscript was finished before his death as was the manuscript for The Family. However, in a review originally published in the San Francisco Chronicle, Jules Siegel, who had worked closely with Puzo at Magazine Management Company, speculated that Omertà may have been completed by "some talentless hack." Siegel also acknowledges the temptation to "rationalize avoiding what is probably the correct analysis – that [Puzo] wrote it and it is terrible."[3]

Puzo died of heart failure on Friday, July 2, 1999 at his home in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York. His family now lives in East Islip, New York.

Influence of Dostoyevsky

Puzo's favourite writer was Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He was deeply influenced by his books, particularly The Karamazov Brothers that he quoted in his books: The Dark Arena, Fools Die, The Fourth K, and The Family. The character Stefano Andolini in The Sicilian was derived from Dostoyevsky's major character Stepan Trofimovich Verkhovensky in The Possessed. And Luca Brasi came from Raskolnikov. Puzo referred Dostoyevsky as his "personal favourite" to the editor Jonathan Karp. Although Balzac is said to have influenced Puzo, it was really Dostoyevsky who influenced Puzo the most. And Dostoyevsky was also a Balzac as he began his career by translating Balzac's Eugénie Grandet in 1843.




Short stories

  • "The Last Christmas" (1950)
  • "John 'Red' Marston's Island of Delight" as by Mario Cleri (1964)
  • "Big Mike's Wild Young Sister-in-law" as by Mario Cleri (1964)
  • "The Six Million Killer Sharks That Terrorize Our Shores” as by Mario Cleri (1966)
  • "Trapped Girls in the Riviera's Flesh Casino" as by Mario Cleri (1967)
  • "The Unkillable Six" as by Mario Cleri (1967)
  • "Girls of Pleasure Penthouse" as by Mario Cleri (1968)
  • "Order Lucy For Tonight" as by Mario Cleri (1968)
  • "12 Barracks of Wild Blondes" as Mario Cleri (1968)
  • "Charlie Reese's Amazing Escape from a Russian Death Camp" as by Mario Cleri (1969)



  1. ^ Homberger, Eric. "Mario Puzo: The author of the Godfather, the book the Mafia loved", The Guardian, July 5, 1999. Accessed August 10, 2009. "Born the son of illiterate Neapolitan immigrants, and one of 12 children, Puzo grew up in Hell's Kitchen on the west side of Manhattan."
  2. ^ Flamm, Matthew. "A Demimonde in Twilight," New York Times (June 2, 2002). Accessed March 15, 2009.
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