Book: Clark Gillian «Late Antiquity»

Late Antiquity


Серия: "A Very Short Introduction"

Late antiquity: decline or transformation, conflict or interaction? Late antiquity is the period (c. 300 - c. 800) in which barbarian invasions ended Roman Empire in Western Europe by the fifth century and Arab invasions ended Roman rule over the eastern and southern Mediterranean coasts by the seventh century. Asking`what, where, and when`Gillian Clark presents an introduction to the concept of late antiquity and the events of its time. Not only a period of cultural clashes, political restructurings, and geographical controversies, Clark also demonstrates the sheer richness and diversity of religious life as well as the significant changes to trade, economy, archaeology, and towns. Encapsulating significant developments through vignettes, she reflects upon the period by asking the question How much can we recognise in the world of late antiquity?

Издательство: "OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS" (2011)

ISBN: 978-0-19-954620-6

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Late AntiquityLate antiquity: decline or transformation, conflict or interaction? Late antiquity is the period (c. 300 - c. 800) in which barbarian invasions ended Roman Empire in Western Europe by the fifth… — Oxford University Press, A Very Short Introduction Подробнее...2011493бумажная книга

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