Book: Sommers Susan «Building Media Relationships»

Building Media Relationships


Media and public relations is a growing field and programs dedicated to the discipline are offered in several colleges and continuing education programs across the country. Within communications and marketing programs, courses dedicated to media relations are often required to complete the program. In addition, many journalism students also enter the field of media relations upon graduation, and courses can be found in those programs as well. A successful media relations program is the most powerful, cost-effective tool a company can utilize to create an identity or raise a profile; build trust, goodwill, and support; generate sales and raise funds; position themselves as an authority; attract new clients, customers, employees, sponsors and donors; encourage attendance at events; and manage crises. Media relations involve committing to a long-term, comprehensive program, executing the program, and evaluating the results. Susan Sommers has written a book on how to work professionally and productively with the media. This book is designed for anyone who is responsible for generating media understanding and coverage for any corporation, organization, non-profit, or small business, regardless of size or scope. It provides tips, information, and exercises on all aspects of a media relations campaign.

Издательство: "OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS" (2009)

ISBN: 978-0-19-542695-3

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