Book: «Verso Radical Diary 2017»

Verso Radical Diary 2017

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The 2017 Verso Radical Diary is not just a beautifully designed week-to-week planner where you can keep track of your coming year, including international holidays, it also includes significant dates in radical history from Spartacus to #blacklivesmatter, from the English Civil War to the American War of Independence, from the Russian Revolution to slave rebellions and the movements of'68, and from trade unionism to Occupy. The body of the planner is cleanly set apart to prioritize utility, while the marginalia is brought to life through beautiful illustrations, galvanizing quotes, and grounding context. The 2017 Radical Datebook is the perfect resource for the politically conscious to stay historically in-the-know through the everyday use of a beautifully designed, grab-and-go personal planner.

Издательство: "Marston Book Services" (2016)

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