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Kitos išeities nėra

Серия: "Tango"

Trijų knygų serija „Sustabdykit vestuves!“ Pirma knyga. Kaip jūs įsivaizduojate katastrofą? Buvusiam kariuomenės kapitonui Bonui Toliveriui katastrofa taptų sesers vestuvės su vyru, kurį ji vargiai pažįsta. Jis nė už ką neleis joms įvykti. Deja, Bonas teturi penkias dienas iš Montanos nusigauti į Floridą ir dar sužeista koja. Tėra vienintelė išeitis – važiuoti su aštrialiežuve kaimyne Tara Duval, kurios kūnas žadina deginantį geidulį.Sulig kiekvienaįveikta mylia tarpusavio trauka tik auga, o Bonui taip būdinga savitvarda silpsta. Kažin ar aistrai perėmus vairą jis spės laiku sugriauti vestuves?

Издательство: "Сваёню книгос" (2015)

ISBN: 978-609-406-842-3

электронная книга

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Lori Wilde

Lori Wilde is an American author of contemporary romance novels. She has also written under the name Laura Anthony.


Wilde wrote her first short story at age eight, and finished her first novel four years later. At sixteen, she submitted a story to Alfred Hitchcock Magazine. Although it was rejected, she received a handwritten note telling her to keep writing. She continued to write, finishing 60 short stories over the next 10 years, persisting even while attending nursing school. All of her short stories were rejected, and a writing teacher finally suggested, in 1990, that she try to write a novel. Wilde took the teacher's advice, and in 1994 sold her second completed work to Silhouette Romance under the pseudonym Laura Anthony. Wilde wrote 11 novels under that name, with one becoming a finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA AWard.

Until 2004, Wilde wrote category romances for Harlequin, primarily in their Duet and Blaze lines. Her first single title, "License to Thrill", was published in 2003. citation|title=Interview with Lori Wilde|publisher=In the Library Reviews|url=http://inthelibraryreviews.net/interviewWildeLori.html|date=December 30, 2004|accessdate=2007-11-16|first=Robin] Wilde has been nominated three times for "Romantic Times" Reviewers' Choice Awards, for "Coaxing Cupid", "Pakced With Pleasure", and "Santa's Sexy Secret". [citation|title=Author Profile: Lori Wilde|url=http://www.romantictimes.com/authors_profile.php?author=9278|publisher=Romantic Times|date=2007|accessdate=2007-11-16] She has also been nominated for a Romantic Times career achievement award in series love and laughter.

In 2007, her book You Only Love Twice won first place in The Colorado Award of Excellence, the More than Magic, The Desrt Rose Golden Quill and the Lories for best romantic suspense. In 2007 she was also honored as distinguished alumna by Weatherford College.



As Laura Anthony

*"Raleigh and the Rancher" (1995)
*"Second Chance Family" (1995)
*"Undercover Honeymoon" (1996)
*"Look-A-Like Bride" (1997)
*"The Stranger's Surprise" (1997)
*"Baby Business" (1997)
*"Bride of a Texas Trueblood" (1998)
*"Honey of a Husband" (1998)
*"Stranded with a Tall, Dark Stranger" (1998)
*"I Married the Boss" (1999)
*"The Twenty-four-hour Groom" (1999)

As Lori Wilde

*"Santa's Sexy Secret" (2000)
*"A Touch of Silk" (2002)
*"A Thrill to Remember" (2002)
*"Packed with Pleasure" (2003)
*"License to Thrill" (2003)
*"As You Like It" (2004)
*"Charmed and Dangerous" (2004)
*"Gotta Have It" (2004)
*"Racing Against the Clock" (2004)
*"Shockingly Sensual" (2005)
*"Mission: Irresistible" (2005)
*"Saving Allegheny Green" (2005)
*"Angels and Outlaws" (2006)
*"Destiny's Hand" (2006)
*"Some Like It Hot" (2006)
*"You Only Love Twice" (2006)
*"There Goes the Bride" (2007)
*"My Secret Life" (2007)
*"Once Smitten, Twice Shy" (2008)
*"Crossing the line" (2008)
*"Secret Seduction" (2008)
*"Lethal Exposure" (2008)
*"Addicted to Love" (2008)


*"Mistletoe and Mayhem / Santa's Sexy Secret" (2000) (with Cara Summers)
*"Going in Style / I Love Lucy" (2001) (with Bonnie Tucker)
*"Bye, Bye Bachelorhood / Coaxing Cupid" (2001)
*"Sexy, Single and Searching / Eager, Eligible And Alaskan" (2002)
*"Real Men Do It Better" (2007) (with Carrie Alexander, Susan Donovan, Lora Leigh)


External links

* [http://www.loriwilde.com/ Official website]

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