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Dictionary of Agriculture

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This dictionary contains 6000 main words with subsidiary words and expressions derived from them. All the words and expressions are defined in simple terms, and examples are given of how each word is used in context. The vocabulary covers a wide range of topics relating to agriculture, horticulture and veterinary sciences: breeds of animal; varieties of crop plants; diseases and disorders of animals and plants; soils; fertilizers; agricultural methods such as crop rotation and irrigation; machinery and tools; veterinary terms; terms used in the sale of agricultural products, especially on the commodity markets; and terms used in the EC. It covers not only European agricultural terms but also gives information on tropical agriculture. The definitions are given in simple English, using only about 500 words in addition to the words already listed in the dictionary. This makes it useful for students whose knowledge of the subject is slight, or whose first language is not English. Throughout the text encyclopaedic comments are given to expand on the definitions, in particular giving further details of crops, animal breeding, housing and harvesting. Quotations from leading agricultural magazines and journals from all over the world add to the information provided in the main text. The supplement at the back of the book gives further information in the form of charts and tables.

Издательство: "Macmillan Publishers" (1997)

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