Book: Ladd Jim «Space Pirates: Stranded!»

Space Pirates: Stranded!

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Sam and the crew of the Jolly Apollo are still searching for Planet X, where they hope to find Sam's parents and a whole load of treasure! But the dastardly Black-Hole Beard is on their tail, which is why they are forced to hide in the scariest, most deadly nebula in the universe. And get stranded! A fast-paced, funny series with gags galore, this is a chase through space that will have you cackling from start to finish! Sam looked at the scared pirates and felt a tremor of dread. All around the ship the mists of the dark nebula swirled, and shadows on the rocks scratched and scuttled.'What's wrong?'he asked.'We're in the Crab Nebula!'hissed Captain Comet. The very mention of the name set the crew weeping and wailing.'The Crab Nebula?'Sam replied.'That doesn't sound so bad.''Really?'said Comet sarcastically.'No ship that enters the Crab Nebula ever returns!'At this, the crew's wailing grew to epic proportions -

Издательство: "Bounce Mix" (2013)

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