Книга: «Multiculturalism, Liberalism and Democracy»

Multiculturalism, Liberalism and Democracy

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The last few decades have witnessed a shift towards a more balanced view in political theory and social science, one that acknowledges the cultural dimension of politics an the political dimension of culture. The essays in this volume reflect this shift by bringing together a number if interrelated themes of the multicultural perspective, such as the need for a stable identity; the link between identity, recognition and cultural community; the importance of belonging and cultural particularity. Significant questions are raised and discussed: What does it mean to recognize cultural communities? Does recognition entail subsidies from the state? Should every culture be publicly recognized? How can multiculturalism be prevented from being hierarchical and authoritarian? Can it be made liberal and democratic? Can the presence of different cultures within one political order be trouble free or will it always be conflict ridden?

Издательство: "Oxford University Press" (2007)

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