Book: Ted McKeever's «Meta4: "A Moon With A View", № 3, October 2010»

Meta4: "A Moon With A View", № 3, October 2010

Meta 4 begins with an astronaut waking on a beach with amnesia—he is unable to recall how he got there. The astronaut meets a large muscular woman named "Gasolina" who is dressed in a costume resembling that of Santa Claus. The astronaut notices a number of scars on his body that he can not explain. Author Ted McKeever has called the significance of these scars twofold: "They are both evidence of a mystery that will unfold as the story progresses, as well as a textured map that has meaning to it because of where they are on his body" .

Издательство: "Image Comics" (2010)

Формат: 170x260, 32 стр.

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