Book: Alexander Glezer «From Moscow to the Very Borderlands»

From Moscow to the Very Borderlands

"Vou have turned us into peredvizhniks*," joked Moscouj ortist Dmitry lenkov at the opening of on exhibition in the Voloshin House Museum this July. By this he mas inferring to the exhibition's movement around the country, it featured in St. Petersburg in May and June, in Koktebel in July and August, debuted in Simferopol in September, luas shonin in Moscouj and Ufa in October, and is пош opening in New Vork. I had the idea of organizing this kind of exhibition after the permanent exhibition called Unknouin Russia opened at the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Jersey City. I remembered that the first Russian avant-garde (Kandinsky, Malevich, Popov, Klyun, Rodchenko), as well as the second Russian avant-garde, i. e. the non-conformist artists, are much better knomn in the UJest than in Russia, and that most of the paintings by these masters are located in western museums and private collections, and wondered whether perhaps the same thing was not happening to contemporary...

Издательство: "Не указано" (1998)

Формат: 210x300, 20 стр.

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