Книга: Тим Харфорд «The Logic Of Life: Uncovering the New Economics of Everything»

The Logic Of Life: Uncovering the New Economics of Everything

Производитель: "Abacus"

Truly eye-opening... There is almost no situation that Harford cannot dissect with his sharp economist&# 039;s tools... economics has never been this cool&# 039; NEW STATESMANIf humans are so clever, why do we smoke and gamble, or take drugs, or fall in love? Is this really rational behaviour? And how come your idiot boss is so overpaid? In fact, the behaviour of even the unlikeliest of individuals - prostitutes, drug addicts, racists and revolutionaries - complies with economic logic, taking into account future costs and benefits, even if we don&# 039;t quite realise it.

Формат: 130х200 мм, 288стр. стр.

ISBN: 9780349120416

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