Книга: Jean Benoit - Levy «The Art of the Motion Picture»

The Art of the Motion Picture

THE MOTION PICTURE, as Dr. Benoit-Levy somewhere remarks, represents potentially the greatest advance in human intercommunication since the invention of printing. In a sense, it parallels the early service of printing in promoting transnational culture. The early printers were largely occupied in setting to type Latin treatises and distributing them throughout the lands where Latin was the accepted scholarly medium of intercourse. The motion picture made its appearance when the best thought was already directed toward a world society, world culture. Through the motion picture a world-wide dissemination of human interests and ideas becomes possible. The American and European can communicate with the Chinese without having to surmount the rugged barrier of ten thousand characters.

Издательство: "Coward McCann, Van Rees Press"

Формат: 145x210, 280 стр.

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