Книга: Juzo Suzuki and Isaburo Oka «The Decadents: Masterworks of Ukiyo-E»

The Decadents: Masterworks of Ukiyo-E

Серия: "Masterworks of Ukiyo-E"

This is the first series of books to gather together the full panorama of ukiyo-e - "pictures of the floating world" - from its inception in early genre paintings to the versatile genius of such masters as Hokusai. Each book examines a specific master, style or medium and has sixty-four pages of full-color reproductions, many available outside Japan for the first time. Masterworks of Ukiyo-е will provide collectors and scholars with excellent quick reference sources, and readers with no previous knowledge of Japanese art with an unusually fine and specific introduction to its appreciation.

Издательство: "Kodansha" (1982)

ISBN: 0-87011-098-5, 4-7700-0079-0

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