Книга: Gustav Egloff «Physical Constants of Hydrocarbons: Volume 1: Paraffins, Olefins, Acetylenes, and Other Aliphatic Hydrocarbons»

Physical Constants of Hydrocarbons: Volume 1: Paraffins, Olefins, Acetylenes, and Other Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

Серия: "American Chemical Society Monograph Series"

The collating and critical evaluation of physical constants of hydrocarbons is of recognized importance to all workers in hydrocarbon chemistry. With the I remendous increase in this field of research during the past fifteen years the customary sources of physical constant data have become inadequate due to more precise developments in synthesis, purification, and methods of determining physical constants. The experimental data of recent years lend themselves to more significant analyses. Hence, a greater reliability can be attributed to relationships between the different homologous series of hydrocarbons which show the dependence of physical properties upon their structure. In the present work, the critical study of the hydrocarbon constants and their interrelationships to derive useful and sound generalizations has been the desired goal. The melting point, boiling point, specific gravity, and refractive index of all classes of pure hydrocarbons will appear in three...

Издательство: "Reinhold Publishing Corporation" (1939)

Формат: 155x230, 408 стр.

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