Электронная книга: Павел Тюрин «Legend of the Peeing briton»

Legend of the Peeing briton

‘Legend of Blockhead and His Nessie’ is an incredibly (!) well-documented story about one Richard Blockhead and about his feat at the Fatherland and Freedom monument in Riga, Latvia. This is a story of a man who courageously challenged the dogma of modern society, of his unbelievable cultural and historical discoveries that were made in his ancestral mansion near Loch Ness in Scotland.The reader will also find out the alternative story of the Universe’s origin; how Lucifer became God’s rival and how, for that, he was turned into a snake-like monster, Nessie. The monster was kicked out of Heaven, and Richie was exiled from the paradise of civilised humanity on Earth. The two outcasts, one from Heaven, another from earth, became friends for neither wanted to live within the constraints of laws. They longed for their infinite freedom, even though it meant sacrificing their comfort.This book is addressed not only to those who love fantasy and adventure genres, but also to the readers with philosophical mindsets who are interested in personal and creative psychology.

Издательство: "Написано пером" (2014)

ISBN: 978-5-00071-403-4

электронная книга

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