Book: Sue Grafton «Q is for Quarry»

Q is for Quarry

Серия: "Kinsey Millhone Mystery"

She was a 'Jane Doe', an Unidentified White Female Whose Decomposed Body was Discovered Near a Quarry off California's Highway 1. The Case Fell to the Santa Teresa County Sheriff's Department, but the Detectives had Little to go on, and After Months of Investigation, the Murder Remained Unsolved. That was Eighteen Years Ago. Now the two Men who Found the Body, Both Nearing the end of Long Careers in Law Enforcement, want One Last Shot at the Case... And they Turn to Kinsey Millhone to Help Them Find Closure. But Revisiting the Past can be a Dangerous Business, and what Begins with the Pursuit of Jane Doe's Real Identity Ends in a High-Risk Hunt for her Killer. Based on an Unsolved Homicide that Occured in 1969, Q is for Quarry and Grafton's Interest in the Case Have Renewed Police Efforts. The body has Been Humed, and a Facial Reconstruction Made that Appears in the Last Pages of the Novel. It is Hoped that the Photograph Will Trigger Memories that May lead to a Positive...

Издательство: "Pan Books Limited" (2012)

Формат: 130x200, 566 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-4472-1238-6

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Sue Grafton

Infobox Writer
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imagesize = 240px
caption = Sue Grafton
pseudonym =
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birthdate = Birth date and age|1940|04|24 [cite web | |title=Sue Grafton |url= |accessdate=2008-06-23]
birthplace = Louisville, Kentucky
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nationality = United States
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Sue Taylor Grafton (born April 24, 1940) is a contemporary American author of detective novels.


Early years

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Sue Grafton is the daughter of novelist C. W. Grafton and Vivian Harnsberger, both of whom were the children of Presbyterian ministers. Grafton and her sister Ann were raised in Louisville. She attended both the University of Louisville (freshman year) and Western Kentucky State Teachers College (sophomore and junior years)cite web |title=Questions and Answers |url= |accessdate=2007-02-08 |publisher=Sue Grafton Website] before graduating from the University of Louisville in 1961 with a bachelors degree in English Literature and minors in Humanities and the Fine Arts. cite web |title=The Kinsey Report |publisher=Sue Grafton Website |url= |accessdate=2007-02-08]

During the latter part of her study, her mother, who was wracked with cancer, took her own life on Sue's 20th birthday.Fact|date=September 2008 Her father later remarried.

After graduating, Grafton held various jobs as a hospital admissions clerk, cashier, and medical secretary in Santa Monica, California and Santa Barbara, California.

Writing career

Grafton began writing when she was 18 and finished her first novel four years later. She continued writing, and completed six more manuscripts. Two of these seven novels were published. Unable to find success with her novels, Grafton turned to screenplays. She spent the next fifteen years writing screenplays for television movies, including "Sex and the Single Parent", "Mark, I Love You", and "Nurse". Her screenplay for "Walking Through the Fire" earned a Christopher Award in 1979. In collaboration with her husband, Steven Humphrey, she also adapted the Agatha Christie novels "A Caribbean Mystery" and "Sparkling Cyanide" for television, as well as cowriting "Killer in the Family" and "Love on the Run".

Her experience as a screenwriter taught her the basics of structuring a story, writing dialogue, and creating action sequences, and Grafton felt ready to return to writing fiction. While going through a "bitter divorce and custody battle that lasted 6 long years" Grafton would make herself feel better by imagining ways to kill or maim her ex-husband. Her fantasies were so vivid that she decided to write them down.cite web |last=White |first=Claire E |title=A Conversation with Sue Grafton |publisher=Writers Write |accessdate=2007-02-08 |url=]

She had long been fascinated by mysteries that had related titles, including those by John D. MacDonald, whose titles referenced colors, and Harry Kemelman, who used days of the week. While reading Edward Gorey's "The Gashlycrumb Tinies", which is an alphabetical picture book of children who die by various means, she had the idea to write a series of novels based on the alphabet. She immediately sat down and made a list of all of the crime-related words that she knew. cite web |title=A Conversation with Sue Grafton |publisher=Sue Grafton Website |date=1996 |url= |accessdate=2007-02-08] This exercise led to her best known works, a chronological series of mystery novels. Known as "the alphabet novels," the stories are set in and around the fictional town of Santa Teresa, California, which is based on the author's primary city of residence, Santa Barbara, California. (Grafton chose to use the name Santa Teresa as a tribute to the author Ross Macdonald, who had previously used this as an alternative name for Santa Barbara in his own novels.)cite web |title=Bestselling Mystery Writer Sue Grafton To Speak at Annual Literary Voices Event |date=2007 |url= |publisher=The Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma County |accessdate = 2007-02-08 ]

All novels of the series are written from the perspective of a female private investigator named Kinsey Millhone who lives in Santa Teresa, California. Grafton's first book of this series is "A" Is for Alibi", written and set in 1982. The series continues with "B" Is for Burglar", "C" Is for Corpse", and so on through the alphabet. After the publication of "G" Is for Gumshoe", Grafton was able to quit her screenwriting job and focus on her novels. The timeline of the series is slower than real-time - "Q" Is for Quarry", for example, is set in 1987, even though it was written in 2002. Her latest book, "T" Is for Trespass," was released in December 2007. Grafton has publicly stated that the final novel in the series will be titled "Z" Is for Zero". [cite news |work=Book |title=Racing Time: Alphabet author Sue Grafton counts down to Zero |date=2002-09-01 |first=Susan |last=Gulbransen]

Grafton's novels have been published in 28 countries, in 26 languages including Bulgarian and Indonesian.cite web |title=Sue Grafton |work=Sue Grafton Website |url= |accessdate=2007-02-08] She has refused to sell the film and television rights to her books, as her time writing screenplays had "cured" her of the desire to work with Hollywood. Grafton has even threatened to haunt her children if they sell the film rights after she is dead.cite web |last=Richards |first=Linda L. |title="G" Is for Grafton: Sue Grafton's Murderous Moments |publisher=January Magazine |date=1997 |url= |accessdate=2007-02-08]


Grafton's "B" Is for Burglar" and "C" Is for Corpse" won the first two Anthony Awards, which are selected by the attendees of the annual Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, ever awarded.cite web |title=Anthony Awards |publisher=Fantastic Fiction |url= |accessdate=2007-02-08] She has won the Anthony Award once more, and has been the recipient of three Shamus Awards.cite web |title=Sue Grafton |url= |publisher=Fantastic Fiction |accessdate=2007-02-08]

On June 13, 2000, Sue Grafton was the recipient of the 2000 YWCA of Lexington Smith-Breckinridge Distinguished Woman of Achievement Award. [cite news |work=Lexington Herald-Leader |title=YWCA to honor Grafton |date=2000-06-04 |page=H5]

In 2004, Grafton received the Ross Macdonald Literary Award, given to "a California writer whose work raises the standard of literary excellence."

In 2008 Grafton was awarded the Cartier Dagger by the British Crime Writers' Association, honouring a lifetime's achievement in the field.


Grafton, who has been divorced twice, has been married for more than 20 years to Steven F. Humphrey. She has three children from previous marriages and several grandchildren, including a granddaughter named Kinsey. They live in Santa Barbara, California and Louisville, Kentucky, as Humphrey teaches at universities in both cities.


Early novels

*" Keziah Dane" (1967)
*"The Lolly Madonna War" (1969) - filmed as Lolly-Madonna XXX [imdb title | id = 0070332 | title= Lolly-Madonna XXX ]

Kinsey Millhone series

*""A" Is for Alibi" (1982)
*""B" Is for Burglar" (1985)
*""C" Is for Corpse" (1986)
*""D" Is for Deadbeat" (1987)
*""E" Is for Evidence" (1988)
*""F" Is for Fugitive" (1989)
*""G" Is for Gumshoe" (1990)
*""H" Is for Homicide" (1991)
*""I" Is for Innocent" (1992)
*""J" Is for Judgment" (1993)
*""K" Is for Killer" (1994)
*""L" Is for Lawless" (1995)
*""M" Is for Malice" (1996)
*""N" Is for Noose" (1998)
*""O" Is for Outlaw" (1999)
*""P" Is for Peril" (2001)
*""Q" Is for Quarry" (2002)
*""R" Is for Ricochet" (2004)
*""S" Is for Silence" (2005)
*""T" Is for Trespass" (2007)

"For more on Kinsey Millhone see Kinsey Millhone"

Also published

* "Kinsey and Me" (1992) - a collection of Kinsey Millhone short stories along with other short stories about Grafton's own mother.

In popular culture

*In the "Mayham" episode of "The Sopranos", Carmela sits by Tony's bedside in the hospital, reading Sue Grafton's "G" Is for Gumshoe".
*In the "To Whom It May Concern" episode of "Gilmore Girls", Sookie explains to Lorelai how she and Jackson go on skiing-slash-reading weekends. He skis, and she reads.

Sookie: I love to dress up in those cozy clothes, the furry boots, and curl up with a Sue Grafton mystery. I got "R" Is for Ricochet" and "S" Is for Silence"… If the ski conditions are good, I can get a good 8 hours of Kinsey Millhone in.

*In the "Local Ad" episode of "The Office", Phyllis went to the mall to a Sue Grafton book signing to try to get her to be in the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch commercial. She was told by Michael Scott to not take "no" for an answer. After waiting in line, Phyllis' turn comes, only to be rebuffed by Sue Grafton. Phyllis continues to ask until being thrown out of the store. Meanwhile Andy and Creed talk about how "crazy hot" the author is.
*A scene in the film "Stranger Than Fiction" shows Prof. Hilbert, reading a Sue Grafton novel ("I" Is for Innocent").


* cite book
author = Natalie Hevener Kaufman, Carol McGinnis Kay
title = "G" Is for Grafton: The World of Kinsey Millhone
publisher = Henry Holt and Company
id = ISBN 0-8050-5446-4
edition = Hardcover
year = 1997


External links

* [ Official website] —includes:
** [ Kinsey Millhone's PI Report on Sue Grafton]
** [ Kinsey Millhone's Biography]

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