Book: «Life is Creativity»

Life is Creativity

Серия: "Seven Portraits"

Every year a collection of sketches about people of various professions, ages, life-styles and educational levels, but all living and working today in the USSR, is published under the heading "Seven Portraits out of 280 Million" . Some are shown in extreme situations which reveal a man's character in the space of a moment, others are portrayed in the context of their everyday life and work. However, they all reveal the traits of character which are typical of millions of Soviet people, the true source of the strength of the Soviet people, and provide the key to the "riddle" of its psychology.


Kollontai, Soldiers' Wives, The Death of a Stewardess, Princess Meshcherskaya: to Live Through a Lifetime..., This Is How I Live..., The Artist, Life Is Creativity

Издательство: "Прогресс" (1989)

Формат: 70x100/32, 216 стр.

ISBN: 5-01-001129-8

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