Book: Julia Donaldson «Toddle Waddle»

Toddle Waddle

A wobbly toddler takes a walk and is soon joined by a joyful troop of human and animal friends. They wander happily along, but where will they go and who else will they meet along the way? Follow-the-leader has never been so much fun. With jaunty rhymes and bright, bold pictures even the youngest child will love this simple, playful story.

Издательство: "Pan Macmillan" (2015)

Формат: 205x180, 24 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-4472-8792-6

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Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson (born in 1948) is an English writer and playwright living in Scotland, best known as author of "The Gruffalo" and other children's books, many illustrated in cartoon style by German Axel Scheffler. Of the 79 books that she has written, 67 have been published: 29 are widely available in bookshops, and the remaining 38 are for schools. Her book "The Snail and the Whale" was named by Gordon Brown as one of his favourite books. She has also written a number of plays for school drama groups. She originally wrote songs for children's television, but has concentrated on writing books since one of her songs, "A Squash and a Squeeze" was published in 1993.

Donaldson studied Drama and French at Bristol University, where she met her husband, Malcolm, who is a pediatrician [ [ Fifteen minutes with Doctor Gruffalo] ] . She has three sons and lives in Bearsden, Glasgow.


*"A Squash and a Squeeze" (1993, ISBN 1-4050-0477-0)
*"The Gruffalo" (1999, ISBN 0-333-71093-2)
*"Monkey Puzzle" (2000, ISBN 0-333-72001-6)
*"Room on the Broom" (2002, ISBN 0-333-90338-2)
*"The Smartest Giant in Town" (2002, ISBN 0-333-96396-2)
*"Night Monkey, Day Monkey" (2002, ISBN 978-0749748937)
*"The Snail and the Whale" (2003, ISBN 0-333-98224-X)
*"Hide and Seek Pig (Tales from Acorn Wood)" (2003, ISBN 978-0333966259)
*"Postman Bear (Tales from Acorn Wood)" (2003, ISBN 978-0333966242)
*"Fox's Socks (Tales from Acorn Wood)" (2003, ISBN 978-0333966235)
*"Rabbit's Nap (Tales from Acorn Wood)" (2003, ISBN 978-1405217880)
*"The Gruffalo's Child" (2004, ISBN 1-4050-2045-8)
*"The Giants and the Joneses" (2004, ISBN 0-8050-7805-3)
*"The Magic Paintbrush" (2004, ISBN 978-0333964439)
*"Charlie Cook's Favourite Book" (2005, ISBN 978-1405034692)
*"The Princess and the Wizard" (2006, ISBN 978-1405053136)
*"Rosie's Hat" (2006, ISBN 978-1405000079 )
*"Follow the Swallow" (2007, ISBN 978-1405217880)
*"Tiddler" (2007, ISBN 978-0439943772)
*"Tyrannosaurus Drip" (2007, ISBN 978-1405090001)
*"Books and Crooks" (Play} (Unknown Date, Unknown ISBN)

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* [ Julia Donaldson's official website]
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Источник: Julia Donaldson

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