Book: «Picture Bingo (набор из 136 карточек)»

Picture Bingo (набор из 136 карточек)

Серия: "Let's Play in English"

Play Bingo and learn 100 essential words in English. With Picture Bingo learning is fun! The specially chosen words are taken from 10 frequently used topics: Shapes. Colours, Animals, Clothes, Inside the house, Food, Means of transport, Nature and Weather, Free time, School. Picture Bingo contains 100 playing cards with a full-colour illustration on one side the corresponding word on the other, plus 36 bingo cards each containing six illustrations and the matching words. Picture Bingo can be used in the language classroom or at home with family and friends. В наборе: 100 карточек со словами и изображениями, 36 лото, руководство. Размер карточки со словами: 6, 3 см х 8, 8 см. Размер лото: 16 см х 11 см. Размер коробки: 21, 5 см х 14, 5 см х 4 см.

Издательство: "European Language Institute" (1999)

ISBN: 978-88-814-8305-1

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