Book: Guy Kawasaki «Art of the Start 2. 0: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything»

Art of the Start 2. 0: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything

Fully revised and expanded for the first time in a decade, The Art of the Start 2. 0 is Guy Kawasaki's classic bestselling guide to launching and making your new product, service or idea a success. This new edition has been expanded to reflect the seismic changes in business over the last decade, in which once-invulnerable market leaders have struggled and many of the basics of getting established have become easier, cheaper and more democratic. Today, business plans are no longer necessary. Social media has replaced PR and advertising as the key method of promotion. Crowdfunding is now a viable alternative to investors. Cloud computing makes basic infrastructure affordable for almost any new venture. The Art of the Start 2. 0 will show you how to effectively deploy all these new tools. And it will help you master the fundamental challenges that have not changed: building a strong team, creating an awesome product or service, and facing down your competition. Whether you're an aspiring...

Издательство: "Portfolio Penguin" (2015)

Формат: 300x195, 346 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-241-18726-5

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Guy Kawasaki

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name = Guy Kawasaki

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birth_date = birth date and age|1954|08|30
birth_place = Honolulu, Hawaii
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occupation = Venture capitalist
Former Apple evangelist
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Guy Kawasaki (Born August 30,1954) one of the original Apple employees responsible for marketing the Macintosh in 1984, is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. He is noted for bringing the concept of evangelism to the high-tech business [ [ Guy Kawasaki: About Guy ] ] , focusing on creating passionate user-advocates for the Apple brand. Kawasaki was a former Apple Fellow, and after leaving the company, became CEO of a pseudo-spin-off of Apple called ACIUS, which produced the 4th Dimension database program. He also started the company Fog City Software. Recently, he has been involved in the rumor reporting site, Truemors, and an RSS aggregator, Alltop. As of August 2008 his blog "How to Change the World" is ranked 88 in the world. [ [ Technorati page on the blog "How to Change the World"] ]

Kawasaki has a B.A. in psychology from Stanford University and an MBA from University of California, Los Angeles. He is Japanese American and a native of Honolulu, Hawaii where he attended the Iolani School.

He is currently a Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, a venture capital firm which specializes in high-technology start-up firms located in Silicon Valley, California as well as co-founder of Nononina, the company that created the Truemors and Alltop websites.


He is the author of many books including:
*"The Art of the Start" (2004) ISBN 1-59184-056-2
*"Rules for Revolutionaries" (2000) ISBN 0-88730-995-X
*"How to Drive Your Competition Crazy" (1995) ISBN 0-7868-6124-X
*"Hindsights" (1995) ISBN 0-446-67115-0
*"The Computer Curmudgeon" (1993) ISBN 1-56830-013-1
*"Selling the Dream" (1992) ISBN 0-88730-600-4
*"Database 101" (1991) ISBN 0-938151-52-5
*"The Macintosh Way" (1990) ISBN 0-06-097338-2

ee also

*Apple evangelist
*Evangelism marketing


External links

* [ Garage Technology Ventures]
* []
* [ Great video clips of Guy] , speaking at Stanford
* [ July 2005 Interview] Mentioned Sun Tzu's The Art of War
* [ "How to Change the World"] - (Guy Kawasaki's Blog, formerly "Bona Tempora Volvantur" and "Signum sine tinnitu")
* [ Interview: Not Just an Experiment: Guy Kawasaki's]
* [ Apple Evangelist’s Advice For Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs]
* [ Guy Kawasaki on Twitter]

Источник: Guy Kawasaki

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