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Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come, Part 2

Welcome the newest member to the Justice Society of America: the Kingdom Come Superman! Coming from an Earth plagued by heroes-gone-extreme, how will this Superman react to an incarnation of the Justice Society he never knew?Книжка-комикс

Издательство: "DC Comics" (2008)

Формат: 170x255, 192 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-4012-1946-8

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Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come, Part 3Led by the world's first super-heroes, the Justice Society of America inspires and recruits the next generation of heroes, upholding their legacy of hope and justice for the betterment of the world… — DC Comics, (формат: 170x255, 224 стр.) Подробнее...20091921бумажная книга

Geoff Johns

Infobox Comics creator

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nationality = American
area = Writer
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"Action Comics"
"The Flash"
"Green Lantern"
"Infinite Crisis"
"Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E."
"Teen Titans"
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Geoff Johns (born 25 Jan 1973 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American comic book writer, best known for his work for DC Comics.


Early life and career

After graduating from Clarkston High School in 1991 and from Michigan State University in 1995, Johns moved to Los Angeles, California. There he became assistant to film director and producer, Richard Donner.

He began writing for DC Comics with "Star Spangled Comics" #1 (1999) and the related series "Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.", a book based on the second Star-Spangled Kid and her stepfather, the original version's sidekick, Stripesy. Johns based new Star-Spangled Kid, Courtney Whitmore, on his sister Courtney, who died in the explosion of TWA Flight 800 over Long Island on July 17, 1996.

Johns wrote several comics for Marvel Comics early in his career, including "The Avengers".

DC Comics

In 2000, he succeeded James Robinson as David S. Goyer's co-writer on the title "JSA". Also that year, Johns became the regular writer on the ongoing series "The Flash", ironic as he had a fan letter published in issue 98 of that series in 1995. In 2003, he re-launched the DC comics title "Teen Titans".

Johns was responsible for the return of Hal Jordan in 2005 as the writer of the mini-series and subsequent Green Lantern ongoing title, helming its highly successful storyline Sinestro Corps War. Johns was also the writer of the DC Comics crossover event "Infinite Crisis" beginning in 2005, a sequel to 1985's "Crisis on Infinite Earths." Following that comic book event, Johns was one of four writers - along with Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, and Greg Rucka - behind the landmark 2006-2007 weekly comic title "52". In 2006, Johns reunited with Richard Donner on the Superman title "Action Comics", with Donner co-plotting the series with his former assistant. In August 2007 Johns and cowriter Jeff Katz re-launched the new "Booster Gold" series. At the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, DC Comics announced that Johns would write and Ethan Van Sciver would draw the miniseries "", scheduled for 2009 and focusing on the return of Barry Allen as the Flash.cite web|url=http://www.newsarama.com/comics/080724-comiccon-flash-rebirth.html|title=SDCC '08 - Johns & Van Sciver Talk Flash: Rebirth|last=Rogers|first=Vaneta|publisher="Newsarama"|date=2008-07-24|accessdate=2008-07-28]

As of 2006, Johns shares a writing studio, The Empath Magic Tree House, with Jeph Loeb and Allan Heinberg. [ [http://www.brokenfrontier.com/lowdown/details.php?id=249 Hautain, Frederik; "Jeph Loeb: When at Marvel - Part II" brokenfrontier.com; October 12, 2005] ] The 2005, "Recruit", an episode of "Smallville", on which Loeb was a writer/producer, featured a villain by the name of Geoff Johns.In 2008 it was announced that he will be a writer in the upcoming PC and PlayStation 3 game DC Universe Online.

Television and film

In 2006, Johns wrote the "Justice League Unlimited" episode "Ancient History", which starred Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Vixen, Shadow-Thief and the John Stewart Green Lantern.

With Goyer, Johns co-wrote the pilot for the Spike TV television series "," which originally aired during the summer of 2006. Johns served as one of the writing staff on the television show during its tenure.

In the fall of 2006, Johns teamed up with Matthew Senreich of "Robot Chicken" fame to write the screenplay for a holiday family-friendly movie titled "Naughty or Nice" for Dimension Films. Johns and Senreich are also billed as directors of the movie, with actor/producer Seth Green set to provide a lead voice as well as serving as voice director on the film.

In 2008, Johns wrote "Legion", the eleventh episode of the eighth season of "Smallville".

Personal life

Johns lives in Los Angeles, where he is good friends with fellow writers and collaborators James Robinson and Sterling Gates. [Venta Rogers and Cliff Biggers. "Planet Stories" Comic Shop News #1108. September 2008]



*"Star Spangled Comics" #1 (1999)
*Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.-related works:
**"Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E." #0-14 (1999-2000): Johns' first long comics work
**"Impulse" #61 (2000)
**"Sins of Youth: Starwoman and the JSA Jr." #1 (2000)
**"Young Justice: Sins of Youth Secret Files & Origins" #1 (2000): Six-page story with co-writer Ben Raab

*Beast Boy-related works:
**"Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant" #2 (1999): Ten-page story with co-writer Ben Raab
**"Beast Boy" #1-4 (1999-2000): Miniseries with co-writer Ben Raab
**"The Titans Annual" #1 (2000): Two stories with co-writer Ben Raab, plus lead story and an additional story
**"Titans Secret Files and Origins" #2 (2000): Lead story with co-writer Ben Raab; three additional stories

*"Day of Judgment" #1-5 (1999)

*Superman-related works:
**"" #121 & 133
**"Superman" (Vol. 2) #179-180, 184-187 & 189 (2002): Issues #179-180 with co-writer Jeph Loeb
**"Superman Secret Files and Origins 2004": Lead story co-writer
**"Action Comics" #837-840, 850 (With Kurt Busiek), 844-846, 851, Annuals 10 and 11, and 855-857 (With Richard Donner), 858-
**"Superman" (Vol. 1, reverted from Vol. 2 due to One Year Later) #650-653 (2006): Co-writer with Kurt Busiek

*Flash-related works:
**"The Flash" (vol. 2) #164-225 (2000-2005)
** "The Flash" #1/2 (2005)
** "The Flash: Iron Heights" #1 (2001)
** "The Flash: Our Worlds at War" #1 (2001)
** "The Flash Secret Files and Origins" #3 (2001)
** "" #1-#3 (2008)
** "" #1-6 (2009)

* JSA-related works:
**"JSA" #5-77, 81 (2000-current): In several issues, co-writer with David Goyer
**"Justice Society of America" (vol. 3) #1-
** "JSA: Our Worlds at War" #1 (2001)
** "JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice" (2002): Graphic novel, with co-writer David Goyer
** "JSA: All Stars" #1-8 (2003). Miniseries, co-writer with David Goyer.
** "JSA Classified" #1-4 (2005)

*"Hawkman" (vol. 3) #1-6, 8-25 (2002-2004): Issues #1-6 & 7-8 with co-writer James Robinson
*"Hawkman Secret Files & Origins" #1 (2002)

*"Batman" #606-607 (2002): Co-writer with Ed Brubaker

*Teen Titans-related works:
**"Teen Titans" (vol. 3) #1/2,1-26,29-45 (summer 2003 - spring 2007)
**"Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files and Origins 2003"
**"Teen Titans/Legion Special" #1 (2004): co-writer with Mark Waid
**"Teen Titans Annual" #1 (2006): Scripter; plot by Marv Wolfman

*Green Lantern-related works:
**"" #1-6 (2004-2005)] : Six-issue miniseries
**"Green Lantern Secret Files and Origins 2005": Lead story
**"Green Lantern" (vol. 4) #1- (2005-)
**"" (2005-2006): Miniseries co-plotter

*"JLA" #115-119 (2005): Co-writer with Allan Heinberg

*"Infinite Crisis"-related works (2005-2007):
**"Countdown to Infinite Crisis" #1 (2005): Co-writer with Greg Rucka & Judd Winick
**"Infinite Crisis" #1-7 (2005-2006)
**"52" #1-52 (2006-2007): Co-writer with Grant Morrison, Mark Waid and Greg Rucka

*Booster Gold #1-10,#0,#1,000,000 (2007-2008)

* #1-5 (2008)

* Short stories & misc. (2000-2006):
**"Silver Age: Showcase featuring the 7 soldiers of Victory" (one-shot) (2000)
**"Superman/Batman Secret Files & Origins 2003": Lead story co-writer with Jeremy Johns
**"" #49 (2004): Eight-page story
**"DC Comics Presents: Batman" (2004): Eleven-page story
**"Superman/Batman" #26 (2006): Contributor to "jam" issue with a large group of writers and artists


*"The Avengers" vol. 3, #57-76 (2002-2004)
*"Morlocks" #1-4 (2002): Miniseries
*"The Thing: Freakshow" #1-4 (2002): Miniseries
*"Ultimate X-Men" #1/2
*"Vision" #1-4 (2002): Miniseries

Other publishers

*"Metal Hurlant" #2 (Humanoids Publishing, 2002): Eight-page story "Red Light"
*"B.P.R.D.: Night Train" #1 (Dark Horse, 2003): One-shot
*"Eye of the Storm" #1 (Wildstorm, 2003). Anthology special, with a short story "Time To Kill", written by Johns with art by Jason Pearson.
*"Noble Causes: Extended Family" (Image, 2003): Story "Tempter, Temper"
*"The Possessed" #1-6 (Wildstorm/Cliffhanger, 2003). Miniseries co-writer with Kris Grimminger
*"Witchblade" #67 (Image/Top Cow, 2003). Story with co-writer Kris Grimminger
*"Tomb Raider: Scarface's Treasure" (Dynamic Forces/Top Cow, 2003). One-shot; reprinted in one-shot "Witchblade and Tomb Raider" #1
*"Tom Strong" #25 (Wildstorm/ABC, 2004)
*"Olympus" (Les Humanoides Associés, France, 2005). Miniseries with co-writer Kris Grimminger; also published in the US by DC Comics / Humanoids Publishing.
*"Ekos Preview"
*"Aspen" #1-3
*"Aspen The Extended Edition"

Awards and recognition

*In December 2005, "Wizard" magazine named Johns its "Man of the Year" for his creative writing and editing work on DC's "Infinite Crisis".



* [http://www.geoffjohns.com Geoff Johns' website]
* [http://www.comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=102 Geoff Johns] at ComicBookDB.com
* [http://www.fanboyplanet.com/interviews/johnsinterview.htm A interview done early] in his career.
* [http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=898 Comic Book Resources (Feb. 2002)]
* [http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=1087 Comic Book Resources (April 2002)]
* [http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=1697 Comic Book Resources (Nov. 2002)]
* [http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=1835 Comic Book Resources (Jan. 2003)]
* [http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?s=ee7898af2343dad5b31dc525aaf5066f&threadid=34540 Newsarama (May 2005)]
* [http://www.newsarama.com/general/GeoffJohns/GeoffPartOne.htm Newsarama in-depth biographical interview Part One (Feb. 2006)]
* [http://www.newsarama.com/general/GeoffJohns/GeoffPartTwo.htm Newsarama in-depth biographical interview Part Two (Feb. 2006)]
* [http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?t=82819 Newsarama (Sept. 2006)]

External links

* [http://www.myspace.com/geoffjohns MySpace page]

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Alex Ross

Infobox Comics creator

imagesize =
caption = Alex Ross
birthname = Nelson Alexander Ross
birthdate = birth date and age|1970|01|22
location = Portland, Oregon
deathdate =
deathplace =
nationality = American
area = Painter, Illustrator
alias =
notable works =
awards = Will Eisner Award (1997)
National Cartoonists Society Comic Book Award (1998)

Nelson Alexander "Alex" Ross (born January 22, 1970) is an American comic book painter, illustrator and plotter, acclaimed for the photorealism of his work. Ross is known for his love of the vintage looks of classic characters and the more mythic elements of the superheroes.

From the late 1990s, Ross has done much work for the industry’s two largest and most historically important publishing houses, Marvel and DC Comics, but Ross is also the co-creator of "Astro City", an original series that explores superhero mythology.

Although he is a prominent figure for both DC and Marvel, he is better known as a DC artist, as much of his work (such as "Kingdom Come") was created for DC. Due to the time and effort required to render his complex paintings, he is often hired to craft covers rather than interiors. Almost all of his Marvel work since 1994 has been as a plotter or cover artist.


Ross was born in Portland, Oregon, but grew up in Lubbock, Texas. His mother, Lynette C. Ross, was a commercial artist best known for her paper doll books. His father is a minister. From childhood, he wanted to work in comics. He was particularly influenced by George Pérez, Bernie Wrightson and Neal Adams. The telling facial expressions and realism of Adams’ work can be seen in much of Ross’. He was also interested in mainstream American painters such as Andrew Loomis, J. C. Leyendecker and especially Norman Rockwell. He was even influenced by his favorite band, Queen, specifically the cover to their second album, "Queen II", the composition of which, (black background, grouped figures with faces partially shadowed,) would go on to be used many times in Ross' work.

In 1987, Ross moved to Chicago to attend the American Academy of Art, where his mother had studied. His first published work was the five issue series, "" (1990), penned by Ron Fortier. Ross created all of the art, from pencils through coloring for the series. He performed similar work on a variety of titles over the next few years. In 1993, he completed his first painted superhero assignment, the cover of a Superman novel: .

During this time, Ross met writer Kurt Busiek and the two began submitting proposals for series that would feature paintings as their internal art, an unexplored idea at the time. Marvel agreed to a project that would tell much of the history of the Marvel Universe from the perspective of an ordinary person. That limited series, "Marvels," was released in 1994, and chronicled the life of a photojournalist, as he reacted to living in a world of superheroes and villains. Many fans were astonished by Ross’ uncannily realistic portrayals of Spider-Man, Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, Silver Surfer, The Human Torch and others.

Busiek, Ross, and penciller Brent Anderson went on to create "Astro City," first published by Image Comics in 1995 and later by Homage Comics. The series features an original superhero world and continues the theme of "Marvels," exploring how ordinary people, and superheroes and villains too, react to a world where the fantastic is commonplace. Ross paints the covers and helps set the costumes and the general look and feel for the series, which has been published sporadically in recent years due to Busiek’s health problems.

In 1996, Ross teamed up with writer Mark Waid for the DC Comics limited series "Kingdom Come," which unveils a possible future for the DC universe, in which Superman and several other classic superheroes return from retirement to tame a generation of brutal anti-heroes. Ross redesigned several important superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Hawkman and Captain Marvel for the series. He also hid numerous visual references in his images, such as recognizable graffiti, objects and posters, and modeled Rev. Norman McCay, a minister who The Spectre appoints with judging who is responsible for a prophesized tragedy, on his own father, Clark Ross.

"Kingdom Come" helped cement Ross' place as a comic book industry superstar. He followed it with the risky "Uncle Sam," a non-superhero work. A project of DC’s Vertigo line, it was an experimental work that examined the dark side of American history. While not a sales success, the mini-series garnered favorable reviews from comic fans.

In the early 2000s, with writer Jim Krueger, Ross plotted and designed characters for a trilogy of Marvel limited series, "Earth X," "Universe X," and "Paradise X," which combined dozens of Marvel characters from various time periods in one galaxy-spanning epic. Alex Ross's decision to not paint the internal art hurt the series.

Ross has also been the subject of a minor controversy over his refusal to draw certain characters (most notably Kyle Rayner, who at the time of Ross' refusal was the Green Lantern).

Between 1998 and 2003, writer Paul Dini and Ross produced annual tabloid-sized editions celebrating the 60th anniversaries of DC Comics’ Superman ('Peace on Earth'), Batman ('War on Crime'), Shazam ('Power of Hope'), and Wonder Woman ('Spirit of Truth'), as well as two specials featuring the Justice League, 'Secret Origins' and 'Liberty and Justice'.

In 2001, Ross won acclaim for his work on special comic books benefiting the families of those killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks, including his portraits of paramedics, police and firefighters. He has also designed much DC merchandise, including posters, dinner plates, and statues.

In 2004, DC compiled the coffee table book "Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross", written and designed by Chip Kidd. In late 2005, a paperback version of the book was published to include new artwork by Ross, including sketches for his "Justice" mini-series.

Also in 2004, Ross designed paintings for the opening credits of the film "Spider-Man 2". The paintings presented key elements from the first film, including a rendition of the classic upside-down kiss between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

In August 2005, Ross reunited with writer Jim Kreuger and penciller Doug Braithwaite to begin the epic 12-issue, bi-monthly limited series "Justice" for DC Comics. The series focuses on the enemies of the Justice League of America banding together to defeat the League.

After "Justice" he started on projects showcasing his love for Golden Age characters: "Project Superpowers" with Jim Krueger for Dynamite Entertainment. [ [http://www.comicbookresources.com/news/newsitem.cgi?id=11188 Ross! Krueger! Dynamite! "SUPERPOWERS!"] , July 18 2007, Comic Book Resources] and, starting in 2008, Ross launched "Avengers/Invaders" [comicbookdb|type=title|id=18419|title="Avengers/Invaders"] featuring Marvel characters but published by Dynamite Entertainment. The story will pit World War II versions of Captain America, Namor, and other classic war characters against the modern Avengers groups. He has not stated what will happen in the series, but he has stated the recent death of Captain America has improved the story, since it was conceived a year before his death. [ [http://uk.comics.ign.com/articles/812/812375p1.html Interview: Alex Ross Returns to Marvel] , IGN, August 11, 2007] [ [http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=11195 Ross' Return = "Avengers/Invaders"] , Comic Book Resources, August 14, 2007] [ [http://forum.newsarama.com/showthread.php?t=125258 Alex Ross Talks Avengers/Invaders] , Newsarama, August 14, 2007] He also collaborates on DC's Justice Society of America. Ross is also set to draw the covers of Dynamite Entertainment's comic book series featuring "The Phantom". He will also redesign the hero's costume.

During an interview in "Wizard Magazine" #167, Ross stated that his favorite Flash is Barry Allen, as he says that Barry Allen's character was "screwed".


DC Direct (the exclusive collectibles division of DC Comics) has produced 3 waves of action figures from the comics book Kingdom Come based on Alex Ross' artwork. The first wave of figures included Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Hawkman. The second wave included Batman, Red Robin, Captain Marvel and Kid Flash. The last wave included Magog, Flash, Armored Wonder Woman and Deadman. An exclusive figure of Red Arrow was released through ToyFare magazine. DC Direct also released several other characters through their Elseworlds toylines. These figures included The Spectre, Norman McCay, Jade, Nightstar, Aquaman and Blue Beetle. Ross also designed the costume the current incarnation of Batwoman wears; this character has been released in action-figure form by DC Direct as part of its "52" line of toys.

DC Direct has also released a line of action figures for the comic book Justice based again on Alex Ross' artwork:

*Series 1: Bizzaro, Sinestro, Cheetah, Flash, Superman, Superman (Variant)

*Series 2: Aquaman, Batman, Black Canary, Black Manta, Parasite

*Series 3: Green Lantern, Joker, Plastic Man, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman

*Series 4: Black Adam, Hawkman, Shazam!, Solomon Grundy, Zatanna

*Series 5: Brainiac, Green Arrow, Lex Luthor, Martian Manhunter, Martian Manhunter (Translucent), Red Tornado.

*Series 6: Batman Armored, Green Lantern Armored, Hawkgirl, Scarecrow.

*Series 7: Aquaman Armored, Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern John Stewart, Superman Armored

*Series 8: Batgirl, Captain Cold, Supergirl, Toyman

Other media

*Alex Ross drew the cover picture on the Anthrax albums "We've Come for You All" and "Music of Mass Destruction".
*Had a notable feud with filmmaker Kevin Smith because Smith's film "Mallrats" seemed to imply that Stan Lee was the sole creator of the Marvel Universe. Ross stated that he feels that Jack Kirby should have half the credit. This feud was referenced in the DVD for "Mallrats".
*Had designed a series of costumes for the 2002 film "Spider-Man", but director Sam Raimi instead chose not to use Ross' outfits. Rather, many of the costumes were redesigned prior to filming. In the film's video game counterpart, as an easter egg, it is possible to unlock a playable version of Ross' Spider-Man design. When using this unlockable, the Green Goblin will also feature one of Ross' unused character outfits. As such, Ross was commissioned to do a series of drawings for the opening credits of "Spider-Man 2", which recapped the major events from the first film.
*Painted a picture of Ace and Gary, The Ambiguously Gay Duo in his trademark form.


His numerous awards include a 1997 Will Eisner Award for the limited series "Kingdom Come" (with Mark Waid) and a 1998 National Cartoonists Society Comic Book Award for "Superman: Peace on Earth".



*comicbookdb|type=creator|id=292|title=Alex Ross

Audio Interviews

* [http://www.aroundcomics.com/?p=697/ Around Comics] Interview on Around Comics 01/01/08

External links

* [http://marvel.com/catalog/?writer=Alex%20Ross Alex Ross at Marvel.com]
* [http://www.comicbookpros.com/artforsale.asp?art=Alex%20Ross Comic Book Pros] , represents Alex Ross
* [http://www.alexrossauction.com/video.php A video showcasing Alex Ross at work on the cover to JLA: Liberty and Justice]


* [http://www.alexrossart.com/news/arfiles03.html Interview at Alex Ross Art (1997)]
* [http://www.twomorrows.com/kirby/articles/27ross.html Interview at The Jack Kirby Collector (1999)]
* [http://filmforce.ign.com/articles/455/455979p1.html Interview at FilmForce (2003)]

Источник: Alex Ross

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