Book: Veronica D'orazio «Gardener's Yoga: 40 Yoga Poses to Help Your Garden Flow»

Gardener's Yoga: 40 Yoga Poses to Help Your Garden Flow

With the right sequence of yoga poses, a gardener's body can bend with the wind and stretch to the sky to alleviate the aches that come from all that digging, pulling, and carrying. In this beautifully illustrated book, forty yoga poses are divided into seasonal sequences--or flows--each addressing the gardener's body, the state of the garden, and the natural world. The spring flow, for example, includes ten poses that emphasize stretching that counters the hunched-over activity of setting new plants into the ground and opening up the shoulders and chest just as the garden blossoms. The practice of yoga aligns perfectly with gardening in its motions, metaphors, and calming effects.

Издательство: "Sasquatch Books" (2015)

Формат: 165x165, 128 стр.

ISBN: 978-1-57061-989-2

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