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Avengers World: Volume 3: Next World

Серия: "Marvel the Avengers"

The Island opens its doors. The Dead march into the light. The Dragon declares war. And in one catastrophic moment, a world erupts in flames and the uprising begins! As A. I. M. Empire makes its stand and the army of the dead rise at Morgan Le Fay's command, the ragtag heroes of the new Euroforce team with the Avengers to confront the menace lurking under Europe. And as the Gorgon and the Dragon Temple of the Hand attack China, the Avengers and the Ascendant answer the call! Confronted by immense dangers on all sides, the Avengers face a world on fire - and to restore peace, they'll have to become something even bigger than before. Prepare for the Avengers World!

Издательство: "Marvel" (2015)

Формат: 170x260, 160 стр.

ISBN: 978-0-7851-9251-0

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Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer

Spencer at the New York Comic Convention in Manhattan, October 9, 2010.
Area(s) Writer
Notable works Morning Glories
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
Iron Man 2.0
Ultimate Comics: X-Men

Nick Spencer is a comic book writer known for his creator-owned titles at Image Comics (Existence 2.0/3.0, Forgetless, Shuddertown, Morning Glories), his work at DC Comics (Action Comics, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents), and for his current work at Marvel Comics (Iron Man 2.0, Ultimate Comics: X-Men).



While in college, Spencer wrote three pitches to Marvel Comics soon after the Marvel Knights imprint launched in 1998. According to Spencer, "Joe [Quesada] didn’t like the first two but the third one was a Black Cat pitch that was a Jackie Brown kind of Tarantino-esque thing. He said he liked that one but they weren’t going to do anything with anybody new at the time." After another pitch was rejected, this time by Oni Press, Spencer went on to work in other fields, including politics and music, before he successfully pitched Existence 2.0 to Jim Valentino of Image Comics. The first issue was released in July 2009.[1] A second miniseries, Existence 3.0, followed in November.[2] In 2010, Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to Existence 2.0, and a film is in development through Platinum Dunes with Miles Millar and Alfred Gough to adapt and executive produce.[3] Spencer also wrote Forgetless and Shuddertown at Image.[4] An A.V. Club review of Shuddertown stated that Spencer "has become one of the finest practitioners" of crime noir in comics.[5]

Spencer's first ongoing series, Morning Glories, was released in August 2010.[4] He has written a seven-part Jimmy Olsen co-feature for DC Comics beginning in September's Action Comics #893 which will conclude in a one-shot[6] to be released March 30, 2011 and is writing the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents monthly debuting in November 2010.[4] He was scheduled to take over as the writer of Supergirl in January 2011 with issue #60,[7] but DC announced soon after that he will only be co-scripting one issue.[8] Spencer is writing Iron Man 2.0, a new War Machine ongoing for Marvel Comics which debuted in February 2011.[9] Spencer will also be taking over writing duties on Secret Avengers from Ed Brubaker as of #13.[10] It was announced at the Emerald City Comic Con that Spencer has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, although he will be allowed to continue writing his existing titles at both DC and Image.[11]

Spencer is one of three writers announced to be working on "Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn", a relaunch of Marvel Comics' Ultimate Marvel line, along with Jonathan Hickman and Brian Michael Bendis. Spencer will be writing Ultimate Comics X-Men.[12]


DC Comics

Image Comics

  • Existence 2.0 #1-3 (2009)
  • Existence 3.0 #1-4 (2009–2010)
  • Forgetless #1-5 (2009–2010)
  • Fractured Fables (OGN) - "Cinderella" (2010)
  • Morning Glories #1- (2010–present)
  • Shuddertown #1-4 (2010)
  • Infinite Vacation #1-3 (2011)

Marvel Comics

  • Iron Man 2.0 #1-12 (February 2011-December 2011)
  • Secret Avengers #12.1, 13-15 (2011)[10]
  • Ultimate Comics: Fallout #2-6 (co-writer, August 2011)[13]
  • Ultimate Comics: X-Men #1- (begins September 2011)
  • Cloak & Dagger (Spider-Island tie-in miniseries) #1-3 (2011)[14]


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