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Avengers vs. X-Men

s Avengers vs. X-Men unfolds, the teenage mutants from Generation Hope and Utopia arrive at Avengers Academy... but as guests or prisoners? And have the Academy students switched sides in the war with the mutants? When Sebastian Shaw strikes, it may not matter! Then: the Phoenix-powered X-Men come for the school's Sentinel! Who will take a stand? Plus: Thor leads a team of Secret Avengers into space to stop the Phoenix by any means necessary! Who is Minister Marvel, and why has he drawn the Phoenix to the Kree homeworld? The Avengers devise a way to save the Kree, but one man stands in their way: the original Captain Marvel, reborn to unite his people! Can Ms. Marvel and the Protector break free of Minister Marvel's influence to aid their former companions?

Издательство: "Marvel" (2013)

ISBN: 9780785165811

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Christos Gage

Christos Gage

Gage at a signing at Midtown Comics Times Square, June 21, 2010
Born Christos N. Gage
July 17
New York
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer
Notable works Union Jack
Stormwatch: PHD
The Authority: Prime
Official website

Christos N. "Chris" Gage is an American comic book writer and screenwriter.


Early life

Gage is the son of author and journalist Nicholas Gage. He was born in New York, and grew up in Athens, Greece, and then North Grafton, Massachusetts. He attended Brown University where he majored in American Civilization.[1]


Gage with Rebekah Isaacs at the 2011 New York Comic Con.

Gage wrote The Breed and the 2002 film Teenage Caveman.

Since joining the comic book industry in December of 2004, he has written a number of series including a 2006 Union Jack mini-series with Mike Perkins.[2]

Gage wrote a comic book series based on the Man with No Name for Dynamite Entertainment[3][4][5] and wrote some fill-ins for Thunderbolts for Marvel, with three one-shots[6] before, starting with #122, writing the four-issue tie-in with Secret Invasion.[7] Also at Marvel he wrote Civil War: House of M.[8] Gage wrote the "Secret Invasion" tie-in War Machine: Weapon of SHIELD[9][10] and with the "Dark Reign" tie-in, Avengers: The Initiative, he became the main writer for the series.[11]

At Wildstorm he wrote The Authority: Prime with Darick Robertson[12][13][14] and then worked on a number of Wildstorm titles, Wildstorm: Armageddon,[14][15] Wildstorm: Revelations[16] and the Wildcats: Worlds End[17] which allowed a number of titles to be relaunched.[18]

Other projects include Absolution for Avatar Press,[19] G.I. Joe: Cobra at IDW Publishing.[20][21] and Area Ten at Vertigo.[22]

Personal life

Gage is married to Ruth Fletcher Gage, with whom he often collaborates in screenwriting projects.[1]


TV and film

  • The Breed (2001)
  • Teenage Caveman (2002)
  • Law and Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • "Mercy" (2003)
    • "Ritual" (2004)
  • Numb3rs: "Bones of Contention " (2005)
  • Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider: "A Complicated Woman" (with Jim Lee, 2007, forthcoming)


  • Legends of the Dark Knight (DC Comics):
    • #201-203: "Cold Case" (with pencils by Ron Wagner and inks by Bill Reinhold, 2006)
    • #214: "Superstitious and Cowardly" (with Phil Winslade, 2007)


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Warren Ellis
Thunderbolts writer
Succeeded by
Andy Diggle

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Rick Remender

Infobox comics creator
name = Rick Remender

imagesize = 250px
caption = Rick Remender at Heroes Con 2006
birthname =
birthdate =
location =
deathdate =
deathplace =
nationality = American
area = Writer
alias =

notable works = "Fear Agent"
"The End League"
awards =
website =

Rick Remender is an American comic book writer and artist who resides in Portland, Oregon. He is best known for his creator-owned work on Image Comics' series "Fear Agent", "Strange Girl", and "Sea of Red".


Before working in the comic book industry Rick worked in animation on such films as "The Iron Giant", "Anastasia", "Titan A.E." and "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle".

He has illustrated album covers for punk bands such as NOFX, Pitch Black, Lagwagon and No Use for a Name.

In 2005 he illustrated the comic book adaptation of the movie "Man With the Screaming Brain", which was published by Dark Horse Comics.

In 2006 he illustrated the series "The Last Christmas", which was written by Brian Posehn with Gerry Dugan and inked by Hilary Barta.

On January 8, 2007 it was announced on his column Against The Grain that he would be teaming up with French artist Paul Renaud for a "Red Sonja" one-shot published by Dynamite Entertainment titled "Vacant Shell". [ [ There's Just Something About Sonja: Remender Talks "Vacant Shell"] , Comic Book Resources, January 26, 2007] He is also working on the horror anthology comics "Crawl Space" with Kieron Dwyer, which will include stories like "XXXombies". [ [ ZOMBIE PORN: Remender has "XXXombies" in his "Crawl Space"] , Comic Book Resources, September 28, 2007]

Remender is currently working on the Dark Horse Comics series "The End League", as well as launching a giant robot series "Gigantic" [ [ The Ultimate Gladiator: Remender talks “Gigantic”] , Comic Book Resources, June 9, 2008] , he will also be relaunching "Fear Agent" [ [ Remender's Fear Agent: Open Wound as Lead Character] , Comics Bulletin, November 4, 2007] and starting a new series at Image Comics called "Sorrow" [ [ Rick Remender: Where Fear Meets Sorrow] , Comics Bulletin, July 31, 2007] . He has also announced work on a comic based on the Lanyard Toys line "The Corps!" for Devil's Due Publishing. [ [ WW Chicago: Devil's Due & Remender Unleash "The Corps!"] , Comic Book Resources, June 28, 2008] [ [ Remender Reloads The Corps!] , Comic Book Resources, September 4, 2008]

In 2008, he became co-author of "Punisher War Journal" with #19 and will become the sole writer after Matt Fraction leaves the title. IDW Publishing also released a "master edition" of "Black Heart Billy". [ [ Rick Remender: The Secret Origin of Black Heart Billy] , Newsarama, October 2, 2008]


*"Captain Dingleberry" (Slave Labor Graphics, 1999)

*"Black Heart Billy" (AiT/Planet Lar, 2000)

*"Doll and Creature" (AiT/Planet Lar, 2002)

*"Night Mary" (IDW Publishing, 2005)

*"Sea of Red" (with Salgood Sam & Kieron Dwyer, Image Comics, 2005)

*"Strange Girl" (with Eric Nguyen, Image Comics, 2005)

*"Fear Agent" (with Tony Moore, Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics, 2005-ongoing)

*"Doll and Creature" (Image Comics, 2006)

*"Red Sonja": "Vacant Shell" (with Paul Renaud, one-shot, Dynamite Entertainment, 2007)

*"Crawl Space" (with Kieron Dwyer, Image Comics, 2007-ongoing)

*"Sorrow" (with co-author Seth Peck and art by Francesco Francavilla, Image Comics, August 2007-ongoing)

*"The End League" (with Mat Broome, Dark Horse Comics, January 2008-ongoing)

*"Gigantic" (with Eric Nguyen, Dark Horse Comics, October 2008, forthcoming)

Against The Grain

On September 5, 2006, Rick began writing a monthly column for the comic book news website Newsarama.

* [ Against The Grain: Ten Years Overnight]
* [ Against The Grain: Looking Ahead]
* [ Against The Grain: Drunks In Comics]
* [ Against The Grain: The End League]
* [ Against The Grain: The Middle School]

Between January 8, 2007 and January 24, 2007 Rick's column spotlighted seven artists he was collaborating with on forthcoming projects.

* [ Against The Grain 7: Paul Renaud]
* [ Against The Grain 7: Michael Cho]
* [ Against The Grain 7: Francesco Francavilla]
* [ Against The Grain 7: Jerome Opena]
* [ Against The Grain 7: Paul Harmon]
* [ Against The Grain 7: Peter Berting]
* [ Against The Grain 7: Nick Stakal]
* [ Against The Grain 7: Rick Remender]


*He penciled the final mock comic book cover in the opening sequence of "Ultraviolet".
*He taught animation and comic art part time at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.



*comicbookdb|type=creator|id=1012|title=Rick Remender

External links

*myspace|remender|Rick Remender
* [ Image Comics' Rick Remender Messageboard]
* [ Interview with Remender on the Comic Geek Speak podcast]

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